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Hysterectomy Awareness

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"Forewarned, forearmed; to be prepared is half the victory.
Miguel de Cervantes"

Hysterectomy-Surgical removal of the uterus

Total Hysterectomy-Removal of the entire uterus, including the cervix

Subtotal or Partial Hysterectomy-Removal of the uterus above the cervix, leaving the cervix intact

Total Hysterectomy with Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy-(TAH-BSO)
-Removal of the uterus, both fallopian tubes, and both ovaries

Radical Hysterectomy-Removal of the uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes,
ovaries, support ligaments and upper part of the vagina.

Oophorectomy-Removal of one or both ovaries, when both are removed, it is called
a bilateral oophorectomy. When the fallopian tubes are also removed, it is called a Salpingo-Oophorectomy.

Loss of ovarian hormone production, is NOT the same thing as MENOPAUSE !

Although far too often, it is treated similarly. Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus),
with Oophorectomy(removal of the ovaries), very much needs its own
separate treatment and HRT regimen.

If you have had hysterectomy with removal of ovaries, often referred to as, *surgical menopause*,
this *state* is very different from *natural occurring menopause*.

The information that is applied to natural occurring
menopause, cannot be applied the same to what the medical
community terms *surgical menopause*, the more accurate,
definition is *female castration*.

This term is upsetting to women but is much more accurate
in describing the removal of the ovaries than menopause
or surgical menopause. Ovarian removal resembles menopause
as much as removal of a man's testes resembles male menopause,
if they removed a man's testes would they then say he was
going through menopause? I can tell you they would
not and would treat it very seriously.

Millions of women all across our continent, suffer daily
from many health problems after hysterectomy and ovarian
removal. Some of these problems are related to the
surgery itself, many problems relate to ovarian removal or
loss of ovarian functioning, and the resulting severe
hormone loss that occurs.

Each year some 600,000 women will undergo hysterectomy.
These numbers are staggering! Untold millions of
women then suffer in silence and confusion with a
multitude of health related problems and symptoms, that
are a direct result of ovarian failure or removal, and
the hormone loss that follows. We are then faced with an
incomplete endocrine system, many subsequent symptoms,
and health problems then plague millions of us!

I became very frustrated in my own search for answers regarding the health changes and
symptoms brought on by sudden and severe loss of ovarian hormones after ovarian
removal, and in attempting to find effective hormone replacement therapy.

Most information, literature, and web sites deal with
natural occurring menopause and menopause related issues.

Let me say again....

Loss of ovarian hormone production, is NOT the same thing as MENOPAUSE

I mean no disrespect towards women who are going through natural occurring menopause.
Menopause is a natural process a woman's body goes through over a period of years,
most always with hormone levels very slowly and gradually lessening.

Women going through natural occurring menopause still have one or both ovaries, which still
produce small amounts of hormones even after menopause.

Hysterectomy with or without ovarian removal, is the sudden, un-natural,
and final loss of organs and the important hormones they produce.

Modern medicine does not know the total functions of, or what the
loss of these organs have on our total health.
The sudden, severe loss of ovarian hormone production can and does cause a chain reaction
of many hormone loss related health problems, and can be extremely challenging to recover from.

Many women are not aware of, or advised of the ramifications of ovarian removal
and loss of ovarian hormone production, on their health and life.

In the end, only we as an individual can say whether surgery or a particular treatment is the
right option and unless there are life threatening consequences at hand, surgery
should not be considered without being fully educated on what other options or treatments
might be available and what the risks and health consequences of any proposed
treatment might be, then making an informed choice weighing the risks, short and long
term consequences, against what quality of life is like without said surgery or treatment.

If you are a woman facing hysterectomy and/or ovarian removal, PLEASE
consider carefully the possible health related after effects.
Consider all your options, research the issues dealing with hysterectomy, and ovarian
removal, there is much to be considered that you will not find in those nice pamphlets
you get from the doctor's office and that many
doctors do not discuss with you.

For many conditions, alternatives other than removal of your organs are available!

Check on the Hysterectomy, HRT and Endometriosis
Resource page below for links to alternatives.

Have you had a hysterectomy with or without ovarian removal, and still suffer from
hormone loss related symptoms and/or health problems? Still not feeling like yourself?
So are millions of us. I hope you find some resources and information, here, amongst these
pages, that may help you get back on the road to feeling well again.

Bio Identical Hormones (aka-NHRT), are the ONLY thing since my TAHBSO,
that has even begun to help me feel better again.

Many of us that have had our ovaries removed, suffer from a multitude of symptoms and
health problems. If you are experiencing fatigue, joint pains, decreased short term
memory and libido, hot flashes, night sweats, depression, increased allergies, decreased
resistance, weight gain, etc., you are not alone.

Often, these symptoms are a result of severe hormone loss when a woman has had one or both
ovaries removed, or when the ovaries have failed to function after removal of the uterus
and has insufficient (or no) hormones being produced to maintain a healthy endocrine system.

Millions of women are not finding relief from the usual prescribed synthetic hormone
replacement therapies, many experience additional problems
or side effects and little, if any relief of symptoms.

Join me in my journey with Bioidentical hormone supplementation, which has helped me
more than any of the synthetic hormone drugs I tried and has had little to no side effects.
In sharing my experiences with others, I hope they too might benefit.

Bioidentical hormones (also referred to as NHRT), are available by prescription.

Many of our doctors are unaware of this type of hormone supplementation.
Since they cannot be patented, there is little financial incentive to manufacturers
and they are not widely promoted. (No funds from large corporations for mass advertising.)

Bioidentical Hormones are available through Compounding Pharmacies
and with your doctors prescription.

Please check my resources page for more information
on Compounding Pharmacies and Bioidentical Hormones.

Please join me on my journey to wellness.

After hysterectomy and ovarian removal, we may never feel 100% the same, but we can
feel much better with low side effect, adequate, and effective hormone supplementation,
found in Bioidentical hormones.

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Hysterectomy, HRT & Endometriosis Resources

Updated: 05/30/21

Recommended Reading

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Great books: Dr.John Lee, Dr. Jonathan Wright, Dr. Elizabeth Vliet. Recommended
books regarding hysterectomy, hormones, endometriosis, fibroids, fibromyalgia,
thyroid and a few helpful products.

Compounding Pharmacy Listings-U.S. (by state)

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Hysterectomy - Pre Op & Post Op Advice

Hysterectomy *Connections*

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*Connect with others who share a similar problem
or experience.

Natural Hormone Replacement

My Quest For Natural Hormone Replacement

HRT Resource
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Interview Page

Interview's featuring a women's health related website
and interview with the site's owner or representative.

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of Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions

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Finding a Doctor-ProjectAWARE

**Additionally, if you have a really good doctor, you
can add them to ProjectAWARE's database here

Finding A Doctor Who Uses Natural Hormones

Looking for a new doctor, or, your pharmacist is your friend

I'm continuously working on raising awareness for women
who've had hysterectomy and are struggling with the "aftermath".

My work and advocacy include email support for women who
are contemplating hysterectomy, or who have had
hysterectomy, and their concerned family members, friends.
Sharing real life experiences through these pages,
and the never ending work of trying to raise the
consciousness of the medical community, women, families
and society in general, regarding the treatment, and often
lack of treatment, of women who are struggling with
serious reduction in the quality of their lives after
hysterectomy with or without ovarian removal.

Endometriosis is still an often misunderstood and under
diagnosed disease, many women are not taken seriously
and not getting the help they so desperately need.
If you'd like to help in my efforts for raising
awareness, please contact me!


On This Day....

July 17th, 2013, marked the 16 year anniversary
of my Total Hysterectomy or TAH/BSO

Please visit my tribute: On This Day

**PLEASE Note: While the content of this web site
may seem negative, it is my reality and the reality
of millions of other women, it does not mean that the post
hysterectomy related problems I've described will happen
to you. I believe it is better to be aware of any
possibilities so that you may be prepared and
proactive with your health needs.

My dream is that we continue to learn, network and
spread our knowledge with others so that our
daughters and the next generation will not be so much
in the dark ages with competent, safe, effective
treatment options for female organ problems and disease.

**Please know that if you write me, I will respond!
I get a good bit of email and sometimes run up to a week or more behind.
If it is urgent, please indicate in the subject line.



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