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Motorcycle Microfiche Cards & Microfiche Readers

New Microfiche Readers $169.95

While supplies last I have several "NEW" Eyecom 1100 microfiche readers. Made by Eye Communication Systems. Rear projection microfiche viewer with both 24X and 48X magnification. The shifting, focusing and alignment controls are clearly visible and are operated easily. The viewer is 17-1/2 high, 13-1/4 wide, 14-1-2 deep and weighs 12 pounds. The unit operates from standard 115VAC or can also be switched to 230VAC. Includes operating and maintenance instructions. Unused in original box. Cost is $169.95 plus shipping. Simply send your zip code to for a qoute on shipping/insurance. Payment can be made by check, cashiers check, money order or Paypal. Shipping same day as payment is received. These will not last long!

New Eyecom 1100 Microfiche Reader $169.95 Plus Shipping

Fuel tank image on screen

While some of the image is lost through this ditigal photo you can see the fuel tank area broken down to include all the individual parts and there relative position in this photo. Also note the part numbers off to the right hand side that will list the correct part for you serial number. A real must for restorers!

"Urgent Notice, Please Read"

Due to an illness I will no longer be suppling microfiche cards. I have approximately 5,000 cards in stock and I will sell this stock off. I will no longer be able to order new stock. In other words, if I have your card you are looking for in stock I will get it right out. However, I will not be ordering anymore stock from the suppliers. If you are waiting on a card and have already paid by check or paypal I will promply refund any monies owed. The microfiche readers will be while supplies last. My health has slipped some and I only do this as a hobby. I have been out of commission for about a week and I am running behind on shipping and responding to e-mails. I will honor all transactions already made. I apologize for any inconvience.

"Motorcycle Microfiche Cards"

  • Honda Microfiche Cards
  • Kawasaki Microfiche Cards
  • Yamaha Microfiche Cards
  • Suzuki Microfiche Cards
  • Use the links above to access the Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki microfiche card pages to get a complete listing of the cards that are available for those models. The microfiche cards can be ordered for most all cycles imported into the United States from Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha. Just send me a e-mail message at with the cards you would like to check on, if you would like to place an order or inquire about a card simply e-mail me at : Please include your address for shipping if you are placing an order. The e-mail address is provided at the bottom of each page.

    Cost of the microfiche cards unless otherwise marked are $9.50 per card with $1 shipping in the United States. Shipping overseas is $1.50 per card and shipped by airmail. Payment from overseas buyers should be by cash,Paypal or international money order drawn on US funds.

    Example of of Honda microfiche card


    What is a parts microfiche card? These are parts manuals supplied and produced for the manufactures, these are the offical manufactures parts cards, they card will break down each cycle into sections like the front wheel and hub, or the cylinder head and piston, then each part from that section is shown in a drawing how it relates to the other parts around it, it will also provide the part number of each part. This is very helpful and may even save you money as some dealers will give discount of 5% if you supply the part numbers.

    How many cards will it take to cover my cycle? It will only take one card to cover a cycle, it may take more if you want to cover more than one years production, for instance, the 69' Honda 750 card comes on one card, however if you want to cover the 70' and 71' models also, it will take one more card as both the 70' and 71 are on the same card.
    Is it common that one card will cover more than one cycle?It is fairly common that one card will cover more than one cycle, don't worry, you only get charged for the cycle you ask to cover.

    Where can I read my card? You can purchase a good used microfiche reader below, however most libraries have microfiche readers that will allow you to read you card, even better most have printers on them that will allow you to print your card and make a hard copy of your manuel.

    How do I order a microfiche card for my cycle? Simply e-mail me at with the cycle or cycles you wish to cover, don't forget to provide your address for shipping, payment can be made after you receive the microfiche cards.

    How do I pay? Payment by check, money order or cashiers check is fine. I am now set up to take Visa or MasterCharge through Paypal!. This is for stateside customers only. Check out this page for more information. Signing up is quick, easy and you can download the money to your bank account at any time. No strings attached. Click on this link to sign up and see for yourself: