Re: So You Want to go to Cuba, Part 2,

Just sneaking to Cuba....


It was a dark and stormy night,

  out of the shadows a sinister figure whispers

"just sneak across and sneak back--- nobody'll know ----how would they keep track?? they don't have the resources to track US citzens going to havana to have a beer"

I do not think you should listen to the sinister figure;

Eyes on cuba watching recreational yachts visiting? well, no, (maybe), not _specifically_ to watch yachts(maybe)---->

but you might want to consider your crossing a war zone !!!

War zone???

its called a war on drugs....

the tethered areostats based on Cudjoe Key have a 200 mile range radar, tracking low flying aircraft and vessels is their forte ! ef/seek-00000039.jpg

Key West is homeport to 8 Cutters: 8 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! tm

and a strong military presence: nks-mil.html

Eyes on cuba to watch recreational yachts visiting? no, not _specifically_ to watch yachts but to interdict smugglers from Cuba? YOU BET !

( I believe they are mostly concerned with human cargo...)

   they don't call it a security zone for nothing!

  The USCG does not have the resources to run around harassing every recreational vessel they find on the high seas, but as a recreational boateryou should realize, if you travel through one of those hot spots (crossing a war zone-- the war on drugs) you are more likely to be checked than in a less hot zone, no need to feel picked on unjustly,   

Just because you do not get stopped does not mean you have not been tracked: 

Vessels are routinely  tracked and identified.   Remember that plane that flew over in the night?   It may remember you !  

Sailboats ARE rountinly stopped, now and then random boardings get results--

Read about the S/V  Felicity 5 germans and an Indian, claiming vessel to be German registered,  (lot of good that did !--- but had FL #'s on hull that were assigned to a different vessel ?? )   --srcoll down to sail boat photos-- Group Key West News

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