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ChE's Aol Secrets


Adult Dreams
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UpDated EveryDay Aol Tricks *New KeyWords*!
i made allot of kool images for my page had a nice layout it was kool but angelfire wont let my images show so 86ed everything but text SORRY. .

IM TriKs

1.WEIRD Text in IM Code: <-S-U-B->T<-/-S-U-B->E<-S-U-B->X<-/-S-U-B->T<-S-U-B-> 2.FlashinG IM Code: <-/-h-t-m-l-><-h-2-><-s->t<-h-1->e<-h-2->x<-h-1->t. . . . . 3.ScroLL IM Code: <-/-h-t-m-l-><-h-2-><-/-s-u-p-><-/-s-u-p-><-/-s-u-p->. . . . . 4.LaG IM Code: <-h-3-><-h-3-><-h-3-><-h-3-><-h-3-> Fill IM With Theese 5.Error IM Code: <-b-r-><-b-r-><-b-r-><-b-r-><-b-r-> Fill IM With Theese

ChaT TriCkS

1.Roll Dice Code: //Roll Easy Huh?

4.o ChaT TriCkS

1.WEIRD Text in Chat Code: <-S-U-B->T<-/-S-U-B->E<-S-U-B->X<-/-S-U-B->T<-S-U-B-> 2.You Can Get A PhaDer and have Rainbow Text 3. To bust into a private room, go to keyword and type aol://2719:2-2-put room name here you want to enter.

Secret KeyWords

Space Can No longer Be Used Do to some of the KeyWords Are For Aol Staff Only!

SecretS For E-mail or Chat

1.More characters. (use the right side of your keyboard) Push Alt0 and a three digit number and a strange character should come up. i.e. Alt 0169 , Alt 0158 2.Blank space. Push space bar a few times and hit Alt 0160 3.Type // and push enter. A message appear (only seen by you). To actually use // alone, use the space trick by pressing space bar about 2 or 3 times and use the ALT 0160 trick and type // and the error message won't come up. Not Use Full But What The Hay!

More Im Tricks!

1.To expand your screen name in IM's, first have about a line and a half of text in the body copy. (Should be all CAPS)Highlight your body copy then hit your right mouse button. Choose Justification and drag to Full. Then send.. Every letter of your screen name should be tabbed. 2.When expecting a response, type <.a href>. What this will do is block out the person's message to you. Their message won't show up on their screen either. This will really confuse them. It can also annoy you because you can here their message being sent to you through IM.wav. 3. To make letters Jump up and down really fast, (two O's are a great example to do), type <.sub>OO<./html><./sub>OO, and fill the entire IM box up, and your letters will hop.. To make them intensely hop (much better then the first hop, but much slower) type this <.sub>OO<./html><./sub><.sup>OO<./html><./sup> and fill the entire IM box

Strange Things!

2.5 AoL Only 1.Self Destruction. This is the only page I've found with this trick. I've never fully tested this, but try it if you want. Fill the entire Buddy Invitation with all CAPS and leave no spaces in all three lines. Push Send and (1 out of 10 times), you'll be signed off in 1 second with a very strange sign off message. I don't know if you type the receivers name in and if it kicks you off, it'll kick them off too. More Secrets Coming Soon

Enjoy The TrickS!

KeyWords Revised for your and my Saftey!
Terms on Becoming Aol Staff aol://4344:20.tlaapp1.125506.492637725 (MHMS) Talk to the Crystal Ball LoL! aol://5862:186/2 Average American Parodi aol://4344:20.gnrmal.8366040.538504628 Applying for AOL Guide Positions aol://4344:221.mem0001.80943.479928570 Proper Diskette Care (parodi) aol://4344:431.gig5.1336020.525753635 Aol's Hecklers(im parodi Real people!)aol://4344:613.hoch4962.3505268.552257542 Download AOL Canada 3.0 aol://
More KeyWords
WinMag: R&R & Recycle Bin aol://4400:5119 ProjectTalk aol://4344:408.mike110.6634903.546970576 Domain of Anti aol://4344:20.AntiOwn5.8344382.571206103 Lounge Library aol://4400:17011 Bits and Pieces and Snips and Snaps aol://4344:204.a36MISC.8344332.527637935 Untitled aol://4344:219.nocn0064.8344306.527380369 Links aol://4344:431.hotlinks.1370875.520743158 Visual Publisher 1.6 aol://4401:13819:287402
Another Update
The Blind Leading the Blind! aol://4344:773.abuse7.22965704.553383524 Der Kennwort-Liste [Germany] aol://4344:204.keysgerm.97068.513210420 Foreign Languages aol://4400:15514 MacUser - Temp aol://4400:15469 Manga Entertainment(Manga/Anime) aol://4400:15443 Antarctic (Manga/Anime) aol://4400:15442 File Management Utilties aol://4400:15415 READ: Connecting to AOL via TCP/ aol://4401:15427:912038 WB TOOLBOX aol://4400:15426 CyberAngels Library aol://4400:15424 System Info (32-bit) aol://4400:15421
Does Anyone know the code to put a space before your name ( is it the Alt+0160 code? )
Many more Added Daily Come so Keep comming BacK!
Fresh TeenS
More Secrets

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