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Cast List..

character---actor/actress---other actor/actress who has played that character

Stephanie Forrester - Susan Flannery - none

Eric Forrester - John McCook - none

Ridge Forester - Ronn Moss - Lane Davies

Thorne Forrester - Winsor Harmon - Jeff Trachta

Kristen Forrester - Teri Ann Linn - None

Felicia Forrester - Colleen Dion - none

Angela Forrester/Devany Dixon - Judith Borne - none

Maggie Forrester - Barbara Crampton - none

Jessica Forrester - Maitland Ward - none

Rick Forrester - Justin Torkildsen - Jacob Young, Jeremy Snider,Steven Hartman

Amber Moore - Adrienne Frantz - none

Bridget Forrester - none at present - Agnes Bruckner, Landry Allbright

Taylor Hayes - Hunter Tylo - Sherilyn Wolter

Brooke Logan - Kathrine Kelly Lang - Sandra Furgerson, Cathrine Hickland

Sally Spectra - Darlene Connely - none

Macy Alexander - Bobbie Eakes - none

Myles Fairchild/Adam Alexander - Michael Swan - none

Kimberly Fairchild - Ashley Lyn Cafagna - none

Clarke Garrison - Dan McVicar - none

C.J Garrison - Mike Cain - Kyle Sabihy

Sheila Carter - Kimberlyn Brown - none

James Warwick - Ian Buchanan - none

Grant Chambers - Charles Grant - none

Pierce Peterson - Paul Satterfield - none

Bailey Masterson - Paul Williams - none

Caroline Spencer Forrester/Karen Spencer/Faith Roberts - Joanna Johnson- none

Bonnie Roberts - Dorthy Lyman - none

Blake Hayes - Peter Brown - none

Michael Lai - Lindsay Price - none

Jasmine Malone - Lark Voorhies - none

Mike Guthrie - Ken Hanes - none

Bill Spencer - Jim Storm - none

Julie Dolorian - Jane Rogers - none

Margo Lynley Spencer - Lauren Koslow - none

Jake McClaine - Todd McKee - none

Claudia Cortez - Lilly Melgar - none

Enriqe Alvarez - George Alvarez - none

Darla Einstein - Schare Harrison - none

Saul Fineman - Michael Fox - none

Donna Logan - Carrie Mitchum - none

Storm Lagan - Brian Patrick Clarke

Katie Logan - Nancy Sloane - none

Beth Logan - Nancy Burnett - none

Stephen Logan - Robert Pine - none

Connor Davies - Scott Thompson Baker - none

Mark Garrison - Zachariah Koslow - none

Lauren Fenmore - Tracy E. Bregman - none

Sly Donovan - Brent Jasmer - none

Helen McClaine - Tippi Hedren - none

Ben McClaine - John Brandon - none

Jonathan Young - Joseph Campanella - none

Teresa Emerson - Olivia Virgit White - none

Maria the maid - Rita Gomez - none

Heather Thompson - Shari Shattuch - none

Rush/Tony Carrera/Jonny Carrera - Anthony Armando - none

Anthony Armando - Michael Sabatino - none

Prince Omar Rashid - Kabir Bedi - none

Fabio - As himself -none

Charlton Heston - as himself -none

George Hamilton - as himself - none

Rocco Barocco - as himself - none

Raymond - Karim Prince - Usher

Tawny Moore - Andrea Evans - none

Becky Moore - Marissa Tait - none

Giovanni Lorenzano - Victor Alfieri - none

Morgan DeWitt - Sarah Buxton - none


Eric Forrester is a famous designer at Forrester collection.He and his ex-wife Stephanie and himself built it a long time ago. Eric and Stephanie have five children together Ridge,Thorne,Kristen and Felicia and Angela who is dead. Ridge and Thorne work at Forrester with their family.Ridge is also a designer.

Sally Spectras company Spectra Fashions always competes with them but the Forresters always wins..Sallys daughter Macy was married to Thorne Forrester a long time.Ridge was married to Bill Spencers daugther Caroline but she died in cancer a short time after the wedding. By that time Eric had divorced Stephanie and married Brooke (Ridges old girlfriend.) They had a baby,Rick.But after Carolines death Ridge and Brooke got involved again. But Ridge broke it of and married Taylor Hayes. Taylors ex-husband Blake hated Ridge.They found out that Brooke was pregnent and who was the father? Eric or Ridge? Eric and Brooke got divorced and Eric married Sheila who had a secret past.Taylor was in a plain accident and everybody thought that she had died but she hadnīt. Ridge and Brooke got married. They thought the baby was Ridges cause Sheila had mixed with the fathershipsresults. Taylor came back and Ridge divorced her. By that time Sheila had done horribly crimes; kidnapping, threatens people with a gun and so on. She went to a psycatric clinic. Ridge and Brooke marridge wasnīt real cause Taylor never died. They did a new Fathershiptest. Eric was the rael father to Bridget.

Thorne and Macy got divorced. Taylor and Ridge dated each other again. Brooke married Grant,a designer at Forrester who Ridge hated. Grant got shoot. Who was the shooter?

Eric had dated Lauren a while but they broke up and he asked Stephanie to marry him again. She accepted. Taylor was in a fire because of Ridge. She broke off the relation.Ridge married Brooke but Taylor was pregnent with his baby and Brooke found out and Taylor kept quiet about who the ral father was and said it was Thornes. Ridge found out the truth and divorced Brooke and now Taylor and Ridge is together again with thier son.

Sheila was going crazy again. She threaten Steph to hurt baby Thomas is she didnīt stop seeing James who she saw her kissing with. Eric has left Steph again to be with Lauren. Grant found out that he has cancer and has only a few months left and he wants to spend them with his wife Macy.

Sheila was in prison and James wants the custity of Mary.

Amber turned out to be pregnant with possibly Rick as the father..They inteand to get married but not so many persons are happy about it. And it could very well be Raymonds baby.

Sheila escaped from the prison in a disguise. She was determand to get Mary back from Stephanie. With Mikes help.

Taylor has started to work with Pierce Peterson and he hypnotized her and she started to act like a 16-year-old. Ridge wanted her to quite the job and when she discovered the truth she did.

Shelia shot Stephanie and Amber attaced Sheila. Amber moved in with Stephanie.

Grant wanted Macy to go on in her life with Thorne and get a baby with him. Grant died at the hospital with Macy next to him singing "Wind benith my wings". Afterwards Macy gets a deep depression. Thorne wants to be there for her and he started working at Spectra. On her way to work Macy was in a car accident and ended up at the hospital. She got a visit from her long lost father Adam Alexander/Myles Fairchild. She decided not to tell Sally yet. But later Sally finds out and lashes out at Myles/Adam for leaving Macy as a child.

Rick was having second thoughts about marrying Amber since he starts having feelings about Kimberly which Myles/Adam (also her father) didnīt aprove of. Eric and Brooke signed the papers letting Rick marrying Amber. Raymond got back to the town but he denied the baby being his until Amber admits to him she doesnīt know who the father is.

Brooke has a big fashion show: Brookes bedroom which ands up in kaos. Ridge and Taylor are expecting another baby which upsets Brooke - for a while.

Macy told Kimberly that they are sisters.

Rick and Amber got married. But who is the babys father? Amber left for Furnace Creek to her mother to have the baby there - away from the media and the Forresters. The baby was Ricks but the baby died. It was stillborn. Amber was devistated and Tawny came up with an idea for Amber to keep her marriage. Ambers cousin Becky was also pregnant and she wanted to give her baby up for adoption. Tawny convinced nurse Sarah to give Amber Beckys baby to pass off as Eric Forrester III. Amber agreed and headed back to L.A. Amber and Rick started their marriage but Rick still was in love with Kimberly.

Taylor got pregnant with twins. She and Ridge was thrilled but one day Taylor met a homeless man named George. He grabbed her in her arm and was infected with tubercoloces. She was placed in an icolated room in the hospital.

Becky came to L.A to visit Amber. Amber paniced. She new Becky was gonna recognize her son sooner or later. Amber tried to get rid of Becky by getting her a job at Forrester international in Paris. But Becky recognized her son and took off with him to Paris. Amber succeeded in getting her back by convincing her that the baby would be better off with her and Rick.

Brooke have fallen for Thorne. When Macy found out that Thorne kissed Brooke she dumped him. Brooke wanted Thorne for herself and asked him to come up to Big Bear to be with her. He said no. But Stephanie found out about the relationship and she heard Brooke telling Megan that she was going up to the cabin. Stephanie followed her and almost killed Brooke there. Thorne came up and drugged Stephanie. She hated Brooke and would do anything to get rid of her.

Taylor and Ridge had their baby-girls and named them Phoebe and Stephanie. Taylor almost died for the twins.

One night Stephanie saw Brooke and Thorne together and tried to stop them and while confronting Brooke, Stephanie suffered a stroke. She was in a coma for a while. Eric discovered he was once again in love with her and sat by her side. Brooke managed to wake Stephanie from her coma. It turned out that Stephanie was paralysed on her left side and couldnīt remember about the time before her stroke. Including the Brooke and Thorne relation. Eric and Ridge saw and took the opportunity to split Brooke and Thorne up to save Stephanies life. She couldnīt take more stress and to know Brooke was sleeping with her other son could kill her. Eric came up with a plan and asked Taylor and Ridge to go along with it.

Brooke, Thorne, Kimberly, Amber, Rick, Giovanni, Becky, Tawny, Ridge and Taylor headed to Venice. Ridge and Taylor pretended to have problems and Ridge seduced Brooke while Thorne saw it. Thorne was devestated and left. Brooke tried to find him but she couldnīt. Amber told Rick the truth about the baby and gave Becky back her son. Rick was angry and betrayed. He told Amber that their marriage was over and left her. Macy turned up in Venice for Thorne. They went to Amsterdam and got married. Brooke was determened to win Thorne back.

Rick and Kimberly could finally be together. Rick threw Amber out and they told the family about Amber big lie. No one wanted to see Amber again. She and Becky moved in together.

Brooke hiered a new designer to Forrester, Morgan DeWitt. It turned out that Morgan and Ridge already knew each other. Brooke decided to get revenge on Eric and Ridge.

Present lover is the one with big red letters

STEPHANIE---ERIC, Jack, Adam, James, Clarke

ERIC---STEPHANIE, Brooke, Sheila, Beth, Lauren

RIDGE---Brooke, TAYLOR, Caroline, Heather, Alex Simpson

BROOKE---THORNE, Ridge, Eric, Connor, Grant..

TAYLOR---RIDGE, Blake, Prince Omar, Thorne

SALLY---Clarke, Jack, Adam

MACY---THORNE , Jake, Grant

THORNE---BROOKE, MACY, Caroline, Taylor, Karen

CLARKE---Julie, Kristen, Stephanie


AMBER---Rick, Eb, Raymond

KIMBERLY---RICK, C.j., Giovanni

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It was created by William J. Bell in 1987. The bold and the beautiful is showned in over 90 countries. And itīs more popular now than ever before..