Meet Crystal Cooper

An interview with

BH2: Full Name-
CC: Crystal Brooke Cooper

BH2: Nicknames-
CC: Cryss, Crystyle, CC

BH2: Age-
CC: 16

BH2: Years Surfing-
CC: 3?

BH2: How did you start surfing?-
CC: My best friend Trice and I were tired of her boyfriend Abe Harlen always going surfing and us sittin on the beach... so we started taking her dad's board out. It was in December so we FROZE, but we had fun!

BH2: Sponsors-
* O'hare Surfboards
* Spyderbilt
* Exkate
* Fish Skates
* Mysterioso

BH2: Homebreak-
CC: The Pier, but I don't like to admit it!

BH2: Crew-
CC: SaraO, Mackey, Trice, Jill, Mike G. and Walter.

BH2: Strongest Manuever-
CC: ummm noseriding? I guess, off the lip, floater...

BH2: Education-
CC: AGH! I knew I was forgetting something...jk workin' on it.

BH2: Best Results-
CC: NKF 1999 Girls Shortboard Champ (that was the first time I tried to shortboard....)

BH2: # of days surfed last year-
CC: 325?

BH2: Pets-
CC: Don't like 'em

BH2: Local Hero-
CC: Stephen Slater

BH2: Most over-rated East coast break-
CC: Sebastian Inlet...CROWDS

BH2: 1st board-
CC: 5'2" Sebastian Inlet (ugly, thick and full of water)

BH2: Worst surf injury-
CC: When my bottom tooth went through my lip, and I had to pull my lip off of my tooth...cuz it was stuck!

BH2: Favorite surf movie-
CC: Blue Crush

BH2: Local hangout-
CC: Mackey's house

BH2: Ambitions-
CC: To be successful in surfing forever; oh yeah, and to be happy too!

BH2: Inspirations-
CC: My dad and Melody DeCarlo (She's an awesome lady)

BH2: Favortite place to grub?-
CC: Taco City and Smoothie King

BH2: Favorite quote?-
CC: "Crystal, We're going the WRONG WAY!!!!!!!!" -SaraO

BH2: Killer Unknown Band-
CC: Boredom

BH2: Ever been Mistaken for someone else?-
CC: Daize Shane

BH2: Closest thing to surfing?-
CC: Skatin' on one of those Carve skateboards

BH2: Credit due-
CC: My Family (for supporting my addiction...surfing), my sponsors, Pat O'Hare for makin' my boards, Da Boyz at da Pier (Walter, Van Mike, Randy Martin, Mike G., Lexie, Nate, Hindu, Windy, Nick, Marty, Ron, Larry, Larry-the-cowboy, Paulie, Boardhead Jim and the rest), Seel for takin' such sic pics and Cliff for helping me learn to surf... thanks for everything guys... I wouldn't be here without you.

BH2: Any Last Words?-
CC: Live a Clean life, and have good integrity. And Surf....even when it's crappy!

BH2: Hey Crystal! Thanks!
You are a True BoardHead!

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1999...Into the New Millennium