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Web Sights webring proudly presents the best websites on the internet. These are wholesome, inspirational, warm and loving websites created by people all across the world. Please enjoy!

Broken Hearts

VOTE for your favorite sunset!!!

VIEW Current Statistics on my Sunset Page!!!
(Including The Sunset Vote Race)

ARCHIVE of other sunsets!!!

DEDICATE a sunset!

ORIGINAL sunsets webpage, by Daniel Glick, an amazing poet!

SPONSOR this site! If you want advertising for your site, I will gladly push out any current advertisers. I'm looking for a "true sponsor" one that will be a great partner to work with. Also, I am now accepting donations. Please contact AnswerGuy5@aol.com for more information. I am trying to get this site on to its own domain! "http://www.sunsets.org" or something like that! You can help make this happen!

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Credit for the poem, the pictures, and the idea of the website rightfully belings to Mr. Daniel Glick. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, credit had not been granted until recently. Please visit Daniel Glick's original version: http://members.aol.com/danglick01/sunset.html.

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