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The Bardic Circle

The reason for the name should be fairly obvious. So I won't waste your time or mine with silly explanations. Hopefully if you have got this far, you have the same love of writing (and reading) that I do.
After much pain...mainly the pain of those helping to construct this is in a fairly useful form.

The Bardic Circle is a web ring designed to bring together sites whose main premise is written language. Whether poetry, stories or songs, the Circle is meant to preserve the art of the bards in what ever fashion it may. Those of you who wish to join this circle are the Bards of today.

I chose to undertake this because (as I am sure has become evident)I love the written language. Every new story I get to read, every song or poem I cry at, makes me happier than my weekly paychecks. (of course reality often intrudes and reminds me that without those weekly checks I wouldn't be able to purchase those new things to read.)

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The Bardic Circle
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