Bardic Circle
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The Bardic Circle
Assorted stories, poems and songs

A page to showcase my own writing as well as the writings of friends and family

What is a bard? Some people would say that a bard is someone who sings, or plays a musical instrument. Still other would say that a bard is anyone who tells stories, sings or otherwise entertains. Then there are the small few (mostly of Celtic background) that would say that a bard is all of this and more. In ancient Ireland (yes and other countries too)a bard was sometimes the only information source people had. They depended on these bards (or minstrels) to tell them what was happening in the world, the latest gossip about famous people, new songs that they had never heard or to tell stories to wile away cold nights. Never was a bard denied hospitality, whether it be in a nobleman's fort or a peasants shack, for to do so was to risk hearing a satirical song about yourself, the next time a bard passed through. I am not saying that Bards are still all of this in the world today. They couldn't be. Mass media has done away with the bards of yesteryear. But there are still a few people out there who love the language, and telling a story so much, that they can't stop themselves from writing. (it hurts not to write)
From the sci-fi greats like Asimov and fantasy novelists like Piers Anthony, Mercedes Lackey and Anne McCaffery. (As well as other writers and numerous musicians whose names are legion).
This page is for them.

Originally I will admit, this page was to showcase my stories and my poems, then I decided that that was selfish. There are millions of aspiring writers out there, like me, who are good (very good some of them) but are scared of submitting their stories to a publisher. Most of the time it is a fear of rejection that keeps these pieces hidden. These writings are our Teacup Kittens as much as any child of flesh or blood could be, and we are very protective of them. This site is a showcase for any of those writers who care to submit to me their works. As long as the poem, story (or even song) fits within the parameters of this page, and I have the permission of the author to publish it on my page, it will be here.

I have discovered that if I put Copyright next to the poem...the poem is considered by the government to be copyrighted. Just keep a hard copy.

Okay...I give up, I have done what I could to persuade you all that submitting your work here was safe, and a good idea. Obviously, I have not been persuasive enough. Starting now, I am no longer soliciting submissions. If you look at this page and decide that you would like to have your work posted where you can perhaps get some feedback on it, then email me. I can't think of anything else.

Guidelines for Submitting Poetry, Stories or Songs
If you have no interest in submitting anything, just skip this part and go to the next section.

This section has actually become obsolete, however for those few of you who are interested I will leave it in. There however has been one change, no longer am I accepting submissions in the guestbook format.

    there aren't that many rules guys....please try to follow them.
  1. Of course no profanity it isn't hard to get your point across without the use of please do your best. If the the word are intrinsic to the text submit it anyway and I will try to work with you.
  2. Try to correct your spelling before submitting your work. I am an english major and it truly ruins my enjoyment of your writing when I have to take a red pen to it in my mind.
  3. No prejudice. I'm not kidding about this one! We are all people and that is all there is to be concerned with. I will not publish anything prejudicial, no matter how good it is.
  4. Have fun and don't be scared of rejection. I am not going to turn away anything that was written with even a modicum of talent. Writing is something that I love to do, and obviously you do to or you wouldn't be reading these guidelines. So don't worry.

Now how to actually get your stuff to me

This is actually fairly simple when you think of it. There are two ways of getting your work to me. You could E-mail it to me, or just submit it below. See, simple!
Now that that is over go ahead and read and enjoy.

The Actual Arte

    There will of course be more sections as I can add them
  1. Poems These are fairly short poems, on various themes.
  2. Short StoriesVery short stories..or excerpts from longer ones.

  3. Original Song lyrics..(sorry no MIDI or wav files)
  4. Journeys One Bards view of the Hospitality of various places journeyed too. NEW FEATURE
  5. The featured writing of the month.

This space will be for what I think is the best piece of writing I have recieved each month.

Come on people. I am getting a wee bit tired of only having my poems in this site. I'm not asking much.


The fire dances
Sending it's reflections
Scattering around the room
Like thousands of priceless jewels

In your eyes
The light is gleaming
Twin beacons of flame
Beckoning my soul to you

To my eyes
Your body shimmers
Seeming to absorb all of
The warmth and light in the room

I lose myself
Gazing in awe
Now, entirely captured
By the wonder of your presence

In flickering shadows
My pulse is quickening
Nothing more exists to me
Than the heat that is your touch

A frozen instant
A single moment in time
The overwhelming rush
That forever brands you on my heart

By:Tracie Martin copyright 1994

Submit your piece and I will let you know if it is accepted.

The Bardic Circle
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