Keep your AlaTurkay Anatolian Shepherd puppy lean

Why Anatolians Should Be Kept Lean

This info is for new puppy people not fully aware of how to make sure their large to giant breed pup will grow safely and healthy to its maturity.

It is recommended that ASDs be kept thin when they are puppies up through their first year. You should see exposed ribs -- at least 2 visible ribs. It is a plan that has worked for breeders for many years, with homebred pups raised at home still weighing more than 80 pounds by 7-8 months of age - having washboard ribs and never being lame.

A puppy leaving it's third month can have a little more padding, since pups at that age can be roly poly without much harm. They are so much closer to the ground that, if they do go SPLAT while they are playing, there is less likelihood of damage in the long run. Four and five month puppies are becoming disproportionately heavy and leggy, so this is where leaness becomes VERY IMPORTANT, up through the first year.

Older dogs should show a “washboard” effect when moving, but without ribs showing when standing still.

Bitches that have had pups, will tend to be saggier in the underline, but their ribs should still be easily felt, even if not visible.

If raising a puppy with an enthusiastic and playful adult, it is recommended the play be supervised, with the young pup isolated from the older dog when the owner is not around to make sure no damage can be done to the pup. Also, don’t let your pup overdo it ... jumping up and down stairs, etc.

There are a LOT of ASD puppies and adults that look like plump sausages (the owners will say: "It's all muscle!") ... this is, in part, a vanity on the part of some owners who want to show off their ‘big dog’ ... even knowing it is better for the health of an Anatolian to keep them lean throughout their lives. In fact, part of the Anatolian standard says “should never appear fat", although it is common in many people’s advertising to say how much their dog weighs. If you really want to do what is best for the health of your Anatolian, KEEP HIM LEAN!!

Avoid people who tell you your dogs are too thin ... DON'T show off your little radiator ribs to people who don't understand. In the long run, this leanness in youth will probably help the dog grow without injury and, based on recent research that has been done about insulin resistance ... animals that are kept lean in their youth, will have longer life spans.

If you have questions about the above, please email me HERE and I will be happy to discuss any questions you may have.