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10/9/1998 thru 07/01/2010

A heart of gold stopped beating,
two shining eyes at rest
God broke our hearts to prove,
he only takes the best.

Owned & Loved by
Bruce & Susan Pringle

Home bred with love by
Alaturka Anatolians


In June 1999, I was informed by one of my puppy people that, due to changed circumstances, she needed to return Saygin, an 8-month-old puppy she had gotten from me out of my October 1998 litter. I told her I would be attending a dog show in Orlando the following weekend and she could bring the pup back to me at that time. I happened to be showing Saygin's littermate brother, Safa, at that show and he was resting in his crate awaiting going into the Group ring. After the pup was dropped off, I kept her with me and walked her around a bit, then went back to sit on the floor in front of Safa's crate with Saygin laying between my legs with her head on my thigh. Several folks came by and petted her, but she didn't really pay any attention until, just before I was getting ready to take Safa back in the ring, a couple came up and started petting her. Saygin just got up and went over to the man and laid her head in his lap. I was surprised, to say the least, because she had not paid much attention to anyone else who had stopped to pet her. That couple was Bruce & Susan Pringle, and I am so glad that they decided to take in a dog show that day. For the next eleven years, Saygin was adored and taken care of by two of the most loving people it has ever been my pleasure to meet. I will be forever in their debt for the care and love they gave one of my very special babies.

Click here to see a beautiful
2004 Mother's Day Card
sent to me by Saygin's Owners

Senflower's Savasci
(aka "BUTCH" aka "HUG")
OFA Good - Thyroid Normal
CERF - DNA Typed

Tilki Bayan of Alaturka, CGC

OFA Excellent - Thyroid Normal
CERF - DNA typed

Saygin at 1 year old (1999)

Sage is one of my female pups from the second litter out of Tilki & Butch, born October 1998. Sage has a zest for life and loves her humans Bruce and Susan Pringle as you can see below. She is a beautiful red fawn with gorgeous conformation and structure.

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Saygin at 9-1/2 years old (May 2008)

Saygin at 8-1/2 years old (May 2007)

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Saygin & "Best Friend" Max (Feb 2000)

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Saygin - "Mom" Susan - Max (Christmas 1999)

Saygin & "Dad" Bruce "working" LOL!!

Susan - Saygin & Brother "Safa"
at Brooksville Dog Show in January 2000

Saygin at 4mo old



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