Anatolian Shepherd Dog Van <
This is the 2010 Ford Transit Connect. I consider it one of the best small dog vans in the country. It is easy to drive, has plenty of room for big dogs, can be adapted to extra storage space above the dog's heads, and has all kinds of neat ways to strap "stuff" in against the side walls. There are side doors on both the right and left sides, plus large cargo doors in the back. There is room between the wheel wells to lay a 700 wire crate sideways for "side door" crates. This is a very versatile van, with many pros and not many cons.

Van comes in Dark Blue, Frozen white, Panther Black Metallic, Silver Metallic, Torch red.

22 mpg city / 25 mpg hwy.

The interior walls prepped for customizable shelves, racks and bins. Center console with three cup holders, auxiliary audio inputjack, power point and two storage bins (XLT). Four speed automatic overdrive transmission (overdrive lowers engine rpm at highway speeds to help maximize fuel economy). Four-wheel anti-lock braking system. The area behind the front seats is 6 ft long; 4.7 ft high and 4.9 ft wide. Holds up to 1,600 lbs maximum payload.

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Van as shown from driver's side

View from Rear Doors

View from Rear Doors

Sliding door on Driver's side

Front view with antenna

Passenger side view

Passenger side view from rear

Rear view

Inside view of rear doors

Inside front of Van showing shelf
over dash and sun block between visors

Center console with three cup
holders and two storage bins

Driver's side of Front area

Passenger side of Front area

Side door on Passenger side

Right side of back area

Left side of back area