"C" (pronounced as a "J")

Can (soul / life)
Candostu (dear friend)
Canan (beloved)
Canciger (very close friend)
Canim (my soul, my love)
Cari (flowing, running, effective)
Cazibeli (charming)
Cazip (attractive)
Cengaver (hero, warrior)
Cenkci (warrior)
Ceren (young gazelle)
Cesaretli (courageous, bold)
Cesur (courageous, bold)
Cevher (jewel, precious thing)
Civa (Mercury, quick)
Cici (pretty)
Cihan (universe)
Cilveli (coquettish, flirtatious)
Civelek (lively, playful)
Coskun (enthusiastic)
Curetkar (courageous, bold)
cusseli (big bodied, burly)

The following names start with a Turkish C with the squiggle at the bottom of the C (pronounced "ch", it doesn't translate well to the web, so I left it off)

Cakim (lightning)
Capkin (Casanova)
Car (Czar, Tsar)
Carice (Czarina, Tsarine
Cekici (charming)
Celebi (gentleman)
Celenc (challenge)
Cengi (dancing girl)
Cevik (nimble, agile, swift) -- says it all, doesn't it
Cicek (flower)
Cingene (Gypsy)
Comar (large watchdog) -- pronounced Chomar

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