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Name:  Linda Curran & Sandie King
E-mail:  alaturka8@gmail
Birthday:  31 December, 2000
Bio:  Linda has lived with Anatolians since 1997 when she got her first Livestock Guardian dog, an amazing boy named "Cassanova" ... although a full time working dog, Cass also did his stint in the show ring where he earned the title BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW when he won the ASDI National Specialty in 1998 and was UKC's #1 Anatolian for that same year. Cass was Linda's premiere stud dog from 2000 until 2007, when her second male took over for him. Linda's second stud dog (BISS GCH Eiserntor AA Mustafa of Turkay) was also an amazing dog that was not only tops in the pasture, but also in the show ring, having earned two National Specialty BEST OF BREED wins and multiple Group Ones with only VERY limited showing. Sandie, who co-owns Moose and several other dogs with Linda, has lived with Anatolians since 1987. This all came about because her home was being robbed on a regular basis and the dog she had were useless. After attaining her first Anatolian, a male she called "Murgatroid", she has never been robbed again. The partnership between Linda and Sandie has yielded multiple benefits. 1. Because of the exemplary reputation and widespread knowledge of Linda & Sandie's Kennel practices and ethics, they have a goodly number of folks to choose from for each litter of pups ... making sure they choose only the best homes for their dogs. 2. Sandie's website (just recently joined with Linda's) has been up since 1996 and enjoys high rankings in the search engines. This gives a lot of people access to the numerous areas of information that Sandie has collected over the years to better educate the public about this unique Ancient Turkish Livestock Guardian. 3. When there is a litter of pups, Linda's job is to make sure they are well trained as Livestock Guardians and Sandie's job is to make sure they are highly socialized for stable temperaments and good manners. Linda and Sandie use early neural stimulation methods to ensure confident happy pups that can readily adapt to whatever life they go into. 4. As partners, they are both available at all times to all of their puppy peoople (and to some who just have questions) with LIFETIME BREEDER SUPPORT. So, you get two for the price of one!! LOL. 5. And, of course, together they help to keep their Pup-Inlaws happy in the knowledge that they always have support no matter what the problem is. If a dog needs to be returned, we take them back ... NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
Interests:  Linda: Family; Anatolian Shepherd Dogs; Dog Shows; Music; Fishing. Sandie: Family; Anatolian Shepherd Dogs; Dog Shows; Reading; all kinds of music; fantasy shows about the paranormal; and any event that I can take my dogs to for socialization, learning manners and educating the public about this very unique breed.
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