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Ah-Z Aussies & Griffs

Group Winning Ch Ah-Z's Buster Brown

Having handled and trained dogs of many breeds for 30+ years the Aussie really got my attention with their personality and adaptability. No matter what dog came it was always their best friend. I can't tell a lie and say that their low maintenance was not a plus (especially for someone who has allergies). But all in all I would have to say it was their extraordinary personalities. No matter how beautiful a dog is you still have to co-exist with it. When my husband and I decided to get involved in this breed we went right to the root and imported two bitches from Australia. We stay in constant touch with the breeders in Australia. It has been seven years since we imported our first girl and in 1999 added 2 more. We breed for quality not quantity. In nine years we have had limited litters, but look at a sample of what we got!

We've recently added Brussels Griffon to our family. Again we are lucky to have started out with dogs of exceptional quality. Please visit our Griff pages.

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Buster winning the Group at Savannah KC from the 6-9 mo puppy class!

Am., Intl., Natl., Ch Ah-Z's Custom Made In Red

Ah-Z's New Addition

Ah-Z's Dark Angel of Teann

Ah-Z Agility Aussies

Ah-Z Right Answers A'Varanda

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More Ah-Z Aussies

Brussels Griffon

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