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Kenny Scott

Name: Kenneth Roy Scott

Nickname:Kenny Scott

Hates to be Called: Moron

Age: 29

Date of Birth: 29th of January 1969

Place of Birth: Brunswick, Georgia

Grew up in: Orange Park, California

Residence: Los Angeles

Height: 1.83 meters

Eye color: Green

Occupation: Plays the guitar, sings, and write songs for the cool group Swirl 360.

Fave Color: Still trying to find that out

Fave Food: Still trying to find that out

Fave Drink: Ice Tea

Fave Movies: Ferris Bueller's Day Off, There's Something about Mary, Saving Private Ryan, and National Lampoon's Vacation, A Bronxtale, and Christmas Vacation.

Fave. T.V Show: Doesn't watch 'em

Fave. Singers: Steve Perry (Journey), and Neill Fin

Fave. Band: Jellyfish, Posies, Foo Fighters, Third Eyes Blind, The Beatles, Oasis,etc.

Fave. Video Clips: Anything from Oasis

Fave. Sport: Football to watch, he says he's not sporty at all

Properties: His guitars and surfboards

On his nights out: He goes to resturants, the movies or just hangs out with his friends

Hobbies: Training in sport school, surfing, snow and water skiing

Laughs at: Movies and Jim Carrey

Cries if: He drops his guitar, or damages his one of his surfboards

What he wanted to be as a kid: A musician

What he likes about his job: The travelling and meeting a lot of people

What he hates about his job: the lack of sleep

What he would be if he wasn't a musician: "I don't even want to think abot that!"

The best way for a fan to approach Kenny is by: Smiling

Past jobs: He worked at a fast food restaurant, surf shops, and a bank

What he does before a performance: Sleeps and eats a little

How he knew he had a feeling for music: "I just knew it!!!"

What he did to impress a girl: Play a country song on his guitar

How to tell Kenny apart from Denny: Kenny has lighter hair, and a dimple on his right side of his face.

Kenny on the name "Swirl 360": " It would totally identify us, throughly, and what we do. I guess that's why we liked it so much."

Kenny on being a twin: "It's more 50/50, we try to keep it under wraps, but it eventually get through press. Of course, it isn't a gimmick. Being twins is a natural thing, and of course we didn't ask to look alike." "Performance-wise, and when it comes to knowing what each other likes and dislikes,I think we just know each other better." "Actually it was kind of cool as far as at school and everything. People wanted to know who you were. You were never forgotten."

Kenny on thier "harmonizing in music": "Yeah, singing together, I mean through beatles and all that kind-- that music when they do harmonies. And then when we start doing our demos, we tried to incorporate it into the songs because it toltally takes it to another level."

Kenny on Miles Copeland's "song writing" clinics: "We went for ten days and seven out of ten days, we wrote, and then you record the song at night There was, like, three studioson the premises. So only one song ended coming out.It was "Rewind" Cool experiance. You're in France. You're in this big castle, and all these cool people are there."

Kenny on his hobbies: "Surfing, I love going to movies, hanging out with friends, going clubbin' and playing golf. I used to be a big golfer, and I want to get back into that."

Kenny on Denny: "I'm a little motivated than him when it comes to responsibility. He's a great songwriter which i'm still working on."

Kenny's words for up-coming musicians: "Uhmm, there's no rules, there's no rules you know."

Kenny on their brand of positive pop: "Blame it on our happy childhood. Nothing terrible happened to us. Sorry." "I see Hanson has 20 or 25 hater web sites. And I know there are going to be some Swirl 360 hater web sites. It's definately going to happen. It's going to be funny to me." "It's not our fault we were born twins. Were identical twins, but we never trien to used that as a way to sell our records or as a gimmick. We're about being a band."

Other interesting facts on Kenny Scott:

* Moved alot as a kid, cos his dad is in the Navy.

* Because of the frequent moving, the twin forged a stronger-than-usual bond with each other as well as with music.

* Had a happy childhood.

* Their parent didn't approve of thier music, so when they were kids they had to throw their guitars out the side window and run around the house to get them whenever they were going to play or record.

* When thier family finally settled near Jacksinville, Florida they were writing and demoing songs in ernest, that was when they started to head for the beach with surfboards in tow.

* They try to stay away from making depressing songs.

* Kenny and Denny love to pull pranks. Once when Denny was out at work, Denny's girfriend called, since Denny's and Kenny's voices sound alike on the phone, Denny's girlfriend thought that it was Denny on the phone when it was actually Kenny, so she started screaming at him and Kenny couldn't stand it any longer, that Kenny broke up with her, saying "It's over, I don't want to see you anymore, I don't want to talk to you anymore." Denny who didn't know what had happened went to his girlfriend's house, and arrived to flying glass and sreaming! It was when he got home that he finally found out what had happened.

Denny's Unofficial Biography