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This is my page and I have created many pages about many things.

When my husband had open heart surgery I created a page about Bypass Surgery and valve replacement.

I live with Borderline Personality so I created a page about Borderline Personality Disorder.

My Middlesex England early marriages

How ACOA compares to BPD

My relatives from Schenectady New York

My relatives from
Saratoga County New York

How to make money on the internet

How it is to live with a facial deformity

My genealogy poem

My genealogy but I update it here more often: Gencircles

My LDS probation for sexual activity in the church

The page I update every  morning  that helps people make money


I am Sandy, born in 1950 in Saratoga Springs New York,  lived in Round Lake New York  until we moved to Saratoga.  I attended Saratoga High School and transferred to Naples High in Naples, Florida in January of my senior year.  My daughter was born in March of 1970. I spent time in the Human Resource Institute in Boston, where I was disgnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, and then moved to Florida permanently.  I met my (2nd) husband a few years after we met when he hired me as a carpenter in Naples.   Our son was born in July of 1982.  In 1988 we moved to Sumterville, Florida  About 1984 I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,  served as the newsletter writer and the Ward Family History Center Director in Leesburg FL. I left the church about 1989 when I was accused of having sex with my bishop.  I wore braces on my teeth from ages 40-to 44.  We started building a house in 1995, the same year my mother died, and as I write this in 2005 it still isn't finished.   In 2002 we filed for bankruptcy after we worked all summer fixing a burned house and then it sold and we didn't get paid. In 2004 our son Aaron joined the Air Force and was stationed at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia until he got kicked out for being bipolar. He lives with us now, with a wife, theor kid and her two kids. In 2004 my husband had open heart surgery.In 2009 he had spinal fusion surgery and in 2009 he was treated for tongue and tonsil cancer. We lived on my husband's Social Security SSI until September 2009. Then we got the VA benefit called Aid and Attendance and now we live on almost $1,800 a month. We are no longer living on the poverty line. I am sort of a tom-boy; I hate dresses and I have never work high heels or make-up. I lived in Braxton jeans until the company went bankrupt. I hate cigarettes (they killed both my parents) and I get really annoyed when people use "at" at the end of a sentence.  My greatest fear is about what will happen to me when my husband dies.


This is a really brief synopsis of my life so far but now you have a general idea of who I am.  The picture below is sort of old. My hair grew down to below my pants pocket, and on April 19, 2005 I cut it to shoulder length. I donated the 19 inches I cut off to Locks of Love. I have done it again twice since then.