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Matthew Lindsay's Home Page


    Hello to everyone who accidentally surfed onto my homepage and decided to stay awhile. I hope we'll find something in common so we can become friends. I also love Star Trek... hence the music and the Star Trek link above.

    I'm a 43 year old, 7th generation Floridian. (There's not many of the original "Florida Cracker's left.) I was born in Miami but raised mostly in and around the Bradenton - Sarasota area just South of St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay region on the beautiful Gulf Coast. I've been living near Terra Ceia Bay for almost 18 years.

    I have several hobbies that I love doing. I love collecting antiques and other collectibles. I also love going to flea markets and yard sales trying to find that special deal. What's one person's junk is another person's treasure. I used to collect comic books, promotional and collectible glasses/ mugs, sports cards, Hallmark ornaments and etc. but my ex-wife took possession of most of that when we separated.

   I also do genealogy research where I spend hours upon hours of going through census records at libraries from Hillsborough County, Florida and surrounding areas to Alexander and Pulaski County, Illinois, Warren County, Ohio, Mason County, Kentucky, Augusta and Campbell County, Virginia, Pulaski County, Arkansas and somewhere in Texas and then back to Florida. These locations are where my known LINDSAY families have traveled. It's amazing to me how difficult it is to try and trace my family tree. My people must have been Nomads!

I started in 1992 and have only been able to research as far back as the early to mid 1800's. I also visit cemeteries for tombstone inscriptions (and to pay our respects) and we also visit courthouses for marriage, divorce and probate records. We've uncovered skeletons in the closet that our families seem to want to keep under wraps...and I'd have to say sometimes for a good reason, but it's always been fun and interesting for me anyway. Check out my research by clicking any of the links below and find out if were kin.

The Lindsay’s of Florida

My Family Web Site

Matthew Lindsay, The Floridian and His Ancestors

Matthew Lindsay's Family Home Page


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    I joined the United States Navy in 1977 and left for boot camp the day after Thanksgiving from the AFEES station in Coral Gables, FL. I embarked on an AMTRAK train ride to Orlando, FL. where I'd begin 8 weeks of military training. My Training Unit was designated #056 and graduation day was on Jan. 20, 1978. Our Company Commander's were Senior Chief Petty Officer Andress and Chief Petty Officer Zetterholm. I've been looking for some of my old Navy buddies. I was then sent to San Diego, CA. for my "A" School where I went through Mess Specialist courses and then graduated on Apr. 7, 1978. I was Honorably Discharged in San Diego, CA. on Aug. 9, 1978 and my certificate was signed by Lt. (j.g.) Patricia May.


    This certificate was stolen from my apartment in July-Aug. 1982 at what was then called Village Palm Apartments off of Sunrise Blvd., in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. While I was on a 3-week vacation my apartment was burglarized of all its contents. I went home to an empty house...NOT!! Someone else was living in my apartment. My landlord claimed that he thought I'd moved out, even though my rent was paid up. He said my things were gone so he assumed I'd moved out. All my photo albums and school year books and etc. were very personal things that could never be replaced. The items themselves wouldn't have meant a thing to anyone except the original owner or a worthy descendant (meaning one who would appreciate something that really has no monetary value but is just a reminder of someone’s memories or memorabilia from "ones" past.)

Maybe one day I'll be able to buy them back at a flea market somewhere.

I've been working in the air conditioning-refrigeration trade since 1983 and for the most part it's been very rewarding. I'm currently employed with a great company called Air & Energy Inc.

This September will be my 10th year, which I feel says something special.
Air & Energy Inc. is mostly known for their quality, honesty, reliability and fairness to their customers and to their employees.
Air & Energy Inc. has been named/voted the #1 Air Conditioning Company in Manatee County from the readers of The Bradenton Herald for 4 years in a row.

Thank-you so much to you all!!



       Matt and Arlene in 2002.

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