Welcome to Shattered Fantasy the homesite of Michele "Spacebabie" Anson since 1997.

Here you will find a few fansites as well as all of my fanfiction.

Also learn a bit about me and my family.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Went with a new overall look. Decided to go with something cosmic. Some of the background came from the previous look. Everthing except for the template was made by me. The template was from Angelfire but I am pleased to say that I created the backgrounds the image of the dragon and the buttons.

Now what is what. The buttons will take you to different parts of the site and let give you the index.

About: This is pretty much about me. Just the basic facts and all that.

Kaitlin: the photo album of my baby.

Gargoyles: Fansite for Disney's Gargoyles, one of the best animated television shows of all time.

Sailor Moon: Fansite to one of my favorite anime series and my gateway anime. Still love it to this day.

Fanfics: Where are store all my fics. Divided into several catergories. I may hwave to warn you that some of them are kind of odd.

Links: also known as the Train Station. They are links to friends sites and sites that I enjoy visiting and have enjoyed in the past.

Sign/View and E-mail. Pretty much what it says on the lid. Sign the guestbook, view other people who have signed and you can send me an e-mail if you want.