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Columns in *SistaZ*

In this part of our webpage, we'll tell you about the columns in *SistaZ* and a brief descriptions about 'em:

  • Editor's Note

    This is a short editor's note!

  • You Said

    Some feedback from the previous ish.
  • Glamour Gal

    In this column, subscribers submit cool make-up tips they like.

  • Poll-o-Rama

    In this column, we conduct random polls for fun. We will send out a new poll topic right after an issue comes out. You vote, then we post the results in the next issue. Make sure to vote!

  • Guy Advice

    Our guy columnist answers your q's about guys and relationships.
  • Does it Pass the Test?

    In this column, if you buy something but wanna know if it passes our product review test, you can find out! There are two questions, then a bonus according to the description of the product you've sent us.

  • Happy Birthday

    Share your b-day by putting it in the 'zine!
  • Zines to Be Seen

    A zine review section!
  • Chit Chat

    We do interviews with zine editors and others!
  • Lyrix Central

    2 song lyrics from songs you pick!
  • Music Headquarters

    Concert reviews, etc, go here!
  • Real Lives

    In this column, readers send in terrifying or triumphant stories that have happened in their lives. There will be one an issue.

  • A Look Into the Future

    The editors write horoscopes for all 12 signs!

  • General Info

    In this column, we let you know how to contact us with comments or questions, unsubscribe, contribute, etc. It's mostly the same info every issue in General Info.