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"it's as alive as you are"

Hey all do you want a zine that is "alive as you are"? Well ALIVE is just what you're looking for! It will come out monthly. It will include: *Polls*Contests*Advice*Horoscope of the Month*Jokes*Links* Movie Reviews*Embarressing Moments*Poems*Decisions, desicions*Some one time articles* -- And lots lots more!

Email me at:!

*ALIVE* is for everyone, male or female between the ages of 13-19! Send this message to all your friends and get them to join too!

*Cookies 'N Creme*

Fun, fresh, and funky! So, do you want a 'zine with great content, but don't want to bust your wallet? *Cookies 'N Creme* is 100% free! And we've got the articles YOU want:





*Contests [with real prizes from our 28 sponsors!]

So join over 1,240 fab girls and guys by subscribing now! What's that? You need more convincing? Email me!

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C i n d e r e l l a

"A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes"

C i n d e r e l l a Magazine is five words -- Humour..Entertainment..Style..Beauty..Real Life!

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© C i n d e r e l l a Magazine 1999

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*A place with all your zine ads!*

Editor: Puff329

Co-Editor: DlineDucky

Hi! Do you want to join a club all about ads? Well, what are you waiting for? It's free of charge, and comes out every month! Click here to subscribe, and I promise if you do not like it, you can unsubscribe anytime you want to! We've got some great zine ads for you!

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Milk Bottle Pirates 'Zine

~*'Cause all of us feel like a little pirate sometimes*~

For both girls AND guys!

Editor: Amanda --

Co-Editor: Emmy --

Sister 'Zines:

Silver Storm [ e-mail to subscribe ]

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Wanna be a sister zine? Email me!

fe@turing articles such as:

*Advice* [ general advice ]

Wanna talk to a girl? [ Email! ]

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Dating Advice! Some? Email!


^Movie Reviews!^


Shout Outs!

~Mail Call!~

*Phat and Thin* [ fashion ]

^Sour Milk^ [ Embarrassing Moments ]

Tales from the Future [ Horoscopes ]

~Member of the Month~

*Tales from the Barn*

Games Column

^Sports Column^


*Sex and Body* [ Send you questions to:!]

*Interview* [ Wanna be interviewed? Email! ]

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•Spunk Zeen•

got spunk?

The Big Cheese - SpunkZeen

Alright now, just stop right here! No more beauty, fashion, and all that other junk. We have the real deal, right in front of your nose. It all spells out Spunk Zeen. With jokes, editorals, websites, tips, polls, and coolio facts, what else could you ever possibly want in life? And check this out, only 2 to 3 pages so it won't clutter your way importnat email box and now you can see that letter from Chris, or Mike, or Bob. Now could anything get any better? I don't think so! So go ahead, make my day! Subscribe why don't ya?



Where teens can be teens

Hey Chicka's! Are you between the ages of 12-17. Well, then Flowers is the perfect zine' for you. It has over 30 columns, here are only SOME of them:

Hey!, Contest of the month, Poll, Birthdays, Advice, Fashion In/out Make up, Catalogs, Mail from you, Speak your minds, Websites Embarrassing Moments, Music, Newsletter ads and much much more! Subscribe me to Flowers! Ad Swap! Talk to the Editor Write a Column, or Idea

©copyright Flowerz zine. All Copy right are in Cyberspace But if you would like to ask about an article you want to use then ask, I promise i won't bite! Guaranteed! : )