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About *SistaZ*

  • What is *SistaZ*?

    *SistaZ* is an online 'zine made for girls!

  • Who Does It?

    *SistaZ* was created by two teens, Mariel and Lily, in Florida.

  • What's in *SistaZ*?

    In *SistaZ*, you can find polls, horoscopes, real life stories, and more!

  • How Can I Be a Part of *SistaZ*?

    You can be a part of *SistaZ* by submitting things for our upcoming issues. Vote in polls and more! Go to the "Contributions" section on the main page to learn how you can be a part of the 'zine!

  • What's Currently Going on with *SistaZ*

    *SistaZ*'s first ish just came out the 1st of June, which got some great comments. We have people sending in contributions and wanting to help a lot!

  • Current Number of Subscribers

    Currently: 160 subscribers -- Our goal: 200 subscribers (Can we make it?!)

    (Last Updated: 6/7/99)