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What is Rabbit Rescue?

Our Mission Statement

Rabbit Rescue is a volunteer organization which was founded to establish a network of foster homes for the hundreds of domestic rabbits which are abandoned yearly, as well as to provide care information to owners who wish to learn more about their companion animals.

Since 1991, we have rescued hundreds of abandoned rabbits. However, this is only a very small proportion of rabbits that need your help.

It is our mission to foster abandoned, neglected, abused, ill and/or injured domestic rabbits and provide them with a loving and stable living environment and necessary medical treatment until a permanent adoption home can be found.

We are the only shelter in South Florida without a time limit for adoption, and humane euthanasia is used only when necessary, to alleviate the rabbit’s suffering.

Therefore, we cannot accept rabbits whose owners are seeking new homes for their pet rabbits, although we can provide guidelines for finding safe new homes. We are, however, more than happy to supply care information, vet referrals and advice for caring owners so they can enjoy life with their companion rabbits to a fuller extent.

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Are Rabbits Good Pets?

Definitely! They are good indoor pets because

However, we do not recommend rabbits for small children. They may not be able to hold a rabbit properly and when the rabbit struggles both the child and the animal can get injured. Rabbits also can become stressed by the activity and noise children produce.

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Adopting a Rabbit

Adoption is the best way to get a rabbit because:

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Did You Know?

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How You Can Help

Your donation can help us in:

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Adopt or Foster a Rabbit

Since we do not put an adoption time limit for our rabbits, the only way we can free up room for new rescues is to have more foster homes and to have more of the rabbits adopted.

We look for caring families who will welcome a rabbit into their house. Our rabbits are strictly indoors. Please give us a call to arrange for an adoption interview.

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Learn More About Rabbits

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