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~*~ Painted Lady's Gallery, LLC ~*~

Welcome. My name is Donna M. LaConte ~*~ Painted Lady.....
Mural, Faux and Fine Artist.

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I am an Artist and ....a REALTOR!

Donna LaConte, Broker/REALTOR,
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are
looking to Buy or Sell in or out of North Carolina or Florida (I'm licensed in both!).
Thank you for your "Referrals"!

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June 12, 2006...Awhile back I wanted to do something to benefit
Breast Cancer Awareness........ so I began my painting series "Bei Seni"
(Paintings for a Cure) to benefit. Today I am reeeeeaaaalllyyyy down
in the dumps. My Grandmother who turns 90 in 2 days is VERY sick
in the hospital. They found a large lump in her breast
and it has metasticized (?) to her back and there are
spots/lumps? in her lungs. I feel so down and helpless.
I just don't want to see her suffer. She is a Good woman
and has always had a heart to help others. My grandfather
said over the years when she has had scripts to get a mammogram done.....
.....she never would do it. I am so sad at her decision....
My painting series seems more important than ever now.....
I am going to somehow use it to keep my Grandmothers spirit with me. ..
....just please keep me and my Grandmother in your prayers. Thanks....Donna
Sadly, Grammy lost her fight with breast/bone cancer 7-21-06.
We will love & miss her always.

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