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Hello everyone! Welcome to my website dedicated to the multi-talented actor/broadway singer Matthew Porretta. This actor has many things to his credits. His credits include: LES MISERABES as Marius, BEVERLY HILLS 90210 as Dan Ruben, ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS as Will Scarlett O'Hara, PASSION as Count Ludovic, DRACULA: DEAD AND LOVING IT as the handsome lieutant, and WINGS as David Barnes. But perhaps he is now best known as Robin Hood in TNT's NEW ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD. In whatever he does, we wish him luck and will keep you all posted on where he goes next. But I will try to keep information coming as I get it.

Matthew filmed some small movies since he left NAoRH. One movie is Kate's Addiction. Recent news is that this movie can now be found in your local video stores! The movie "Desperate but not serious" can also be found in the video stores now. Matthew has a cameo part towards the end of it, I hear. Another movie is titled Turkey Cake. "A group of friends gathers to celebrate Thanksgiving, but friends turn to enemies as a lethal combination of alcohol, a Rho Sham Bo contest and a cake shaped like a roasted turkey destroy the evening." Once I get more information I will post it here.

When I know for sure, it will be posted here.
Matthew was last seen in a McDonald's commercial with L.A.Laker Kobe Bryant. He is playing Kobe's agent. Once I manage to get it taped, I will try to post some pictures up from it.

Last he was seen in a Killean's Irish Red commercial. Matthew was in a series, produced in Canada called "Code Name: Eternity". His character is listed as being Leethan. I finally got a copy of this series and saw Matthew in it. It was rather interesting seeing him play a bad guy again. Unfortunately the quality of the tape is not good enough to get pictures from.

Updated Info:There is a movie that he has done that the release date is yet to be announced. Dream Warrior is the name of the new movie. Synopsis of the movie: The year is 3004 A.D. (After Destruction). The earth's natural resources have been depleted and society has been thrown back into a primitive and anarchistic existence. One tribe dominates society (their evil leader is PARISH, played by Lance Henriksen) and fights to rid the world of a gentle, genetically enhanced tribe. Cast: RAGE - Daniel Goddard PARISH - Lance Henriksen STERLING - Sherilyn Fenn YOSHI - Isaac Hayes CALEB - Matthew Porretta JALIL - Richard Claxton Danica - Bojana Gregoric Paloma - Zahra Swetz This film was shot in Zagreb, Croatia with the Jadran Studios.

He has posted on the message board a few times. We hope he visits again and gives us a career update. We really do wish the best for Matthew and hope somebody sees what talent they are missing in this actor. I've come to nickname him "The Invisible One" (TIO.) LOL Maybe someday we will get to see his acting talents on the screen again full-time. They are truely missed.

To enjoy the Photo Galleries I have, just scroll down this page and click on Picture Galleries. If you want more information just scroll down the page to Fast Facts on Matthew. Thank you!

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Matthew's birthday is May 29th.

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Here is another great picture (one of my favs.)
Here are some pictures from the other shows that Matthew has done. This one is from Robin Hood: Men in Tights. For a sound of Matthew in this click to pictures page.
This is Matthew in Beverly Hills 90210.
Here he is in Dracula: Dead and Loving It!
Matthew in Wings-Valentine's Day episode.
Now for more pictures from NAoRH.

Vote now for What do you want to see Matthew do next?

All photos courtesy of TNT's The New Adventures of Robin Hood, Brooks Films, Warner Brothers, and all my fellow Outlaws.

days 'til Matthew's Birthday.

  • Birthdate: May 29,1965
  • Birthplace: Darien, CT
  • Family: Frank and Roberta, his parents; Frank III and Greg, his brothers; and Anna and Roberta, his sisters.
  • Favorite Entertainers: Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Billie Holiday, and Dinah Washington to name a few.
  • Other TV Work: CLASS OF '96 and SOUTH BEACH
  • Matthew attended the Manhattan School of Music

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