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Yo......My names Robby and....this is my Flatland page! I'm 14 and live in Palm Harbor, FL............I started Flatting and stunt riding this year and I thought I'd set up this pad for all you guys that know what your doing. My setup is as follows: Frame Set: Redline RL240 freestyle frame + fork with Haro Fusion Pegs and a bunch of Frankenstein mixed parts. My friend Ryan ( who got me into Flatland) has a super cool GT DYNO SlammeR with GT pegs. Ryan's pretty good at flatland but im better at street than him i think.......ryans neighbor is kennedy (ryan) and he real good i think (im just putting him in here cos i want some cheap pegs).....OK my Favorite Riders are Dave Mirra (the miracle boy), Hoffman, Andrew Faris, Trevor Meyer, DMC, and Evel Kneivel (just kidding). I skate too so Bucky Lasek, Tony Hawk, Jamie Thomas, and Cab are also on the list......tell your friends about this site.....sign the guestbook...and.........Wu TanG ForeveR ....and hey yo---email me (link at bottom of screen) with kewl links and burly pics!      WE'RE HAVING A HARDEST TRICK CONTEST AND THE WINNER WITH THE BEST PIC WINS a spot on my page ..../// Ok so get your pics put on disc at kinkos or Hanks copy world and send them to me ASAP!......also email me with your story about the worst accident youve had (however HARD it may have been) Shout outs and thanks to....Ryan Robinson, Tiffy Stack, Central Skate Park, SPOT, Adam Kane (walk wit the awkward slang), John Montesi (my skate crate hookup) , John Cordon, Jenna, Chris Hindman, April, Tracy, Melissa, Gary Hess (NIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), also, anyone else that i hang with! ......................IŻ\__/ŻI RiDe On!      

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