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This site is for all of those that want to know about The Guyver. I have seen all the anime and other films "The Guyver" and "Guyver 2: Dark Hero". Out of all of them, the anime rules.
The Guyver Unit Before exposed to a host, the guyver organism is in a case. When in this state, it is refered to the "Guyver Unit" After the guyver organism is released, there is a transformation between the host and the organism. The organism attaches itself to the host's brain with little fibers and alters the host DNA. Within the first couple of minutes, the transformation is complete. The key to the Guyver is it's control metal. The control metal serves as a power regulator that controls the Guyver's power out put. The Guyver increases the host's own strengh by 10,000 fold. But, as I said before, the control metal is the Guyvers key, remove the key and destroy the Guyver. Without the control metal there to regulate the power, the organism will start to eat the host alive. However, the control metal, if not damaged, will generate another Guyver! The new Guyver will be controled by the organism, which can not tell friend from foe. The host will be completely restored, but will be in a coma type state for 24 to 48 hours or until someone that knows the host can wake the host up.
Calling The Guyver When not fighting, the Guyver retracks back into the host's body or as it's been said, "goes back to the demension it came from until needed." When the Guyver is needed, one needs to call for it either by calling it by name, saying bio-boost, or willing to bio-boost without saying a word.
The Guyver's Weapons The Guyver's Weapons are as follows:
Hi Freq. Swords - These swords which extend from the elbows and in Guyver 3's case the upper knee, match the freq. of the object it about to cut and makes a perfect slice.
45 degree Hi Freq. Attack - This weapon comes from the Guyver's "mouth". It emits a hi freq. which can cause things to shatter. An example would be that of an opera sing that breaks glasses. In this case the Guyver's freqs. are so high they can shatter a mans skull.
The Pressure Cannon - This weapon generates energy and compresses energy into a small masive ball( almost like a sun have having gone nova)
The Guyver's Strengh - As stated before, the Guyver's strengh is a weapon on it's own. There is one catch to this, the more action the Guyver is envoled in, the more worn out is the host. The Guyver uses the host's energy, so thus, when the host is tired, so is the Guyver.
Control Metal Laser - This weapon is located near the control metal. It is a small ball that projects this weapon. It sits over top of the control metal.
The Mega-Smasher - This is the Guyver's last means of finishing the fight. This energy weapon is so powerful and intense that the weapon when fired can dry a river bed for a short time, that is until the water flowing down a hill catches up to the dried area. The weapon itself is located under the chest plates of the Guyver. The Guyver has to pull the plates open or will it to happen. There are two ways to fire the weapon, one is with one side of the chest plate open. This is a more controlable way to fire this weapon. The other is the over kill method, both chest plates open .
Guyver Extras They are as follows:
Anti-Gravity Orb - This allows the Guyver to fly at high speeds. The speeds a Guyver can reach have never been tested.
Extra Sensory Orbs - This little freature lets the Guyver know what's going on around him at all times. It helps him in fighting off back attacks and side attacks.
Known Guyvers

Status: Operational, fighting with Guyver 3 against Chronos Corp.


Status: Destroyed in fight with Guyver 1

GUYVER 3 a.k.a. The Shadow Guyver

Status: Operational, fighting with Guyver 1 against Chrono's Corp.

This is a disclaimer! I do not claim to have made any of these pics nor created The Guyver: Bio Boosted Armor. This page is just my opinion of what the Guyver is. Thanks and enjoy the site!
This has been a Rick Plaskon production.