&Zelda Ocarina
Hookshot to the Top of Impas House for Skultula
and the Man on the Roof Heart Piece

© 2003 H. Sundstrom

I had difficulty with the information on finding the skultula on the top of Impa's house. Impa's house is the house that the guard when Link is a child says to him this was the Great Impa's house where the cow with the heart piece is in the cage inside the house.

As adult Link I could not hookshot to the top of the house until I went into the potion shop then out the back during the day. There I used the hookshot to go to the roof to get the heart piece from the man on the roof. Then I used the hookshot to go from that roof to another roof then to Impa's house where I played the sun song. The time of day changed and I was going out the back door at night and I just used the hookshot to go back to the top of Impa's house.

There the skultula is on the side of the earth wall behind the roof of Impa's house.

This is for those who searched around for all the skultulas with very nondescript brief explanations in the beautiful strategy guides on the internet and in the books.

Oh to kill the octopod snail looking thing in Lord Jaba Jaba's belly hit him head first with the boomerang to stun him when he comes towards you and when he turns around hit him again with the boomerang to stun him. Then z button target and slash with the sword at the green spot on his back when he is stunned. A few times of this and the battle should be over.

On the tentacles z target the tentacles, run out when they get short to draw them out and z target fast then release the boomerang and run back. If you are fast and get good practise at it you won't get electrified by the tentacles.

On the bubbles in Lord Jaba Jaba's belly I found it was fastest along with most effective to just go out and attack them with the sword.

Just because someone or a guide says this is how you win the fight does not mean it is the best or fastest or most effective way to do it.

The flying fish type sting ray things I z targeted after I ran over them to draw them out. I do not know if this is the best method but it worked and was relatively fast. Afterwards I grabbed some hearts a stingray left behind before opening the chest.

The floating Jellyfish knock out easily with the z targeted boomerang. So getting the boomerang right away before doing any fighting is very important.

But the real boomerang that is used for hunting is a nonreturn boomerang. The return boomerang because it was not very accurate for the most part was used for things like to scare birds into nets. So if you get frustrated with the return boomerang in this game keep in mind they are in all actuality a weapon that requires great skill and experience with.

I was rather disapointed when I looked up the history on the boomerang to find it was being used inaccurately in this game because I have been using the game to teach my children in my family to read. But other than that since it is a pure fantasy game and the children enjoy it enough to read for several hours the game has a great deal of educational value.

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