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World Population Growth

World Population Growth

<>1997 Ms Holly

In this world a majority of many problems are caused by not having enough...Not enough time, not enough space, not enough sleep, not enough food, not enough room, not enough of anything...

If you have room for only two people to live in a small house and then they have six to seven children (as they do in poorer countries where they have extremes of poverty) often they do not have the ability to choose the number of children they will have - This country will end up being overpopulated.

If there is only enough food for two people this means that those two people will have to share that food between themselves and six to seven children they bear....In these countries quite often the children starve, suffer greatly, and die....In these countries often there are great wars and plagues because there is not enough.

What causes this is too many children are being born. The reason this is happening is people in these countries cannot afford to prevent all these children from being born, because they do not have the means or education to do so...

We can go to bed every night with food, and shelter...because our system has provided for us to be able to choose how many children we want to have or not have. We have the things we have because we are able to choose how many children we have. But in poorer countries they cannot do that...for many do not have the benefits of good food, shelter, and and education which would help them to learn how to stop having so many children.

At one time we needed to have a large number of children because the number of infant deaths were extremely high...Back then a person might have had a great many children and still not have any children survive because of infant mortality. But with the advent modern medical practises, our knowledge of disease prevention, modern sanitation practises, and modern facilities we have decreased infant and child mortality to where our populations have steadily grown.

To kill children is considered to be a terrible thing...but to kill adults is no different. Often wars are caused by the overcrowding, starvation, and illnesses that poverty and overpopulation bring to the world. This overpopulation may end in either plagues or in wars which kill numerous childern and adults.

The empowered Nations often say it is too expensive and difficult to educate those countries and people such that they will not suffer so much any more...and such that they can live in a better world and that they can raise their children in a better world and place...Where their children can go to school, have a full stomach, and not suffer so greatly. Often they say we can send them more food (which causes more children to be born who will suffer)but we cannot afford to educate them so they can have a better life and way to live...

But we can no longer afford to turn a blind eye, nor to feed the problem...for as countries become more populated they will move over into our countries where they will have to spend a few generations learning what we have learned. The plagues that happen in their countries will come here to infect/inflict/afflict us and make us ill. Also we will see and hear of their suffering which will also draw us in to help or to fight the wars caused by such suffering we have fed. We cannot afford to not help, to not educate, to not care...for we cannot afford a world of such unrest and suffering anymore...for our world can only support so much life...

There is an experiment which is done by all young college genetic students. In this experiment six fruit flies are put into a closed system with fresh air flow. Three are female and three are male. As the experiment goes along the fruit fly population increases exponentially...almost straight up in a curve pattern. Before all the food and water is used up...all of a sudden all of the fruit flies die. The reason is they have contaminated their closed system.

We have alot of problems right now with wars, plagues, and pollution in the world. We can make some different choices that will help all of all of us can survive. We have more intelligence than fruit flies in a closed system like our world is. Someone made the rules and someone can improve them. We can all make choices for the better. We are free will agents capable of independent thoughts beyond action and reaction.

Two generations ago my family came from a world outside of the US. They had seven children. The next generation some had seven some had two. The third generation some had one some had five. My family we have only had two children from four children... And two of us have chosen to not have children. This is simply because we wanted more for our children (if we had them) than what we currently see offered to a world where there just is not enough because there are just too many people.

People in the world are starving and suffering. It is a terrible terrible thing. One country went to teach another country how to increase its crop yield by 75%. The population went up by 75%. Then there were that many more people who went to bed hungry every night.

I am a believer in a supreme and just being/power of goodness. I try to teach people that we were created with free will and choice along with the ability to understand that. All we have to do is listen...It is not noble to continue to feed the bodies of the poor and not their minds...for the greatest wealth of all is knowledge.

In the third world countries the average number of children born is 6.5 per family whereas in the developing areas of the world where people have advantages of education they are decreasing in numbers. It is not only unwise to not help these countries who are having difficulties moving into the modern world it is also very very unsafe for the major way problems of overpopulation are often controlled are by warfare, disease, and plague...all of which reach into our populations. This is how world population was controlled for many years by our civilizations until we learned how to control population growth. (E.g. European Hun and Barbarian mass invasions.)


An estimated 11 percent of the planet's land surface-4.6 million square miles, an area larger than the United States and Mexico combined-has suffered moderate to severe land degradation since 1945, diminishing its capacity to grow crops and other vegetation. Every year farmers are forced to abandon up to 27,000 square miles of farmland, enough to equal West Virginia, because they cannot make a living on it. About one fourth of the world's population depends on fuelwood that is cut faster than it can grow back.

Water is increasingly scarce in certain regions of the world, as populations that are doubling within two or three decades must share finite supplies of renewable water resources. Based on the generally accepted standard that a country needs a bare minimum of 654 cubic yards per inhabitant per year to develop economically, 11 nations faced such scarcity in 1990. By the year 2025, the UN projects, that number will nearly double.

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This is the year 2001. Of the four children born to my parents two have had children. One has had one, the other has had two the second being born when she was in her 30's. She and her husband questioned having any children for these reasons and finally decided if they had children hopefully they will make a difference in this world. She was a social studies teacher for many years and did as much as she could to help her middle school aged students. She is the only social studies teacher I know who was so well liked that her students came to visit her during the summer so much so she had difficulty getting ready for the next school year. It is not very probable the other two of us will have a child for we are both over 35 now and female. It was a matter of choice for us. What I learned from the Social Studies teacher is a very important part of teaching is showing your students you honestly care about them and are willing to go the extra mile to stand up for them when they are right. She always did. My thanks for the award.