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The History of Time Travel in the Future

Introduction to
The History of Time Travel
in the Future

© 1998 The Sundstroms

We were beginning to develop time travel and were investigating it in research when we began to notice things around us and people who were involved from time to time would change. People would disapear and new people would turn up. It was difficult to convince anyone of this at first so we involved one of the major heads of state in the project such that we were able to discontinue and outlaw time travel. It was fairly easy to monitor because time travel requires a great deal of energy such that anytime there was a major power drain we set the systems to cut of the energy flow.

But all of a sudden the disapearance and appearance of people began again even without the power drain. We figured that someone had found a way around the system - quite possibly found an alternative power source so we developed a means to search out power surges that were not directly connected to our power systems and we stopped the occurrences again for a time.

Then there was a class of young people who began studying history to find if there was any relevance to what had transpired in the time travel studies to the past and we began correlation of investments even small investments that brought about great returns even in relatively unknown very unlikely endeavors which had been only experimental.

The Heads of the Systems Recognized that some group or some persons had slipped through and had begun to interfere with the past to the extent we had to track and find these people before the future was completely altered.

As time travel was very expensive we had finally decided that for every trip we did we would need to be able to be in contact with whomever. We understood that the undertaking of such a long term project would be a major economic drain so we decided to utilize systems of the time periods to support the project such that the projects did not use as much energy and could last longer. We developed a line of time travelers I would not call them computers, robots or cybourgs for they were much more advanced than that...quite possibly one would call them super intelligence energy life forms. For they were developed and made by the best minds of our times.

It was easy for us to interact with these energy systems through time as they could tap into any energy system and if they began to deteriorate they could have their own systems rebuilt and the information transfered. The only problem being that they could not interact directly with humans. We allowed them free license with investing in various areas we had all ready found were economically feasible. We also had them do surveillance through all the elecronic systems.

We had managed to capture most of the time travelers who had traveled against the laws of our time period. When all of a sudden we began to have problems tracking them. They began disapearing right before we found them. We found a correlation with increased activities beginning in the 1990's. There was a major increase according to our surveillance teams starting in late 1997. But we could not locate nor find the outlaw time travelers.

About that time our teams began reporting that there was a great deal of activity on the internet. Our surveilance teams had been heavily involved with the development of the internet that we could track time thieves. People from all over began searching and interacting with the government. One such surveillance group reported that there was a great deal of electronic interaction dealing with certain areas of unrest in the world.

All of a sudden the connections went blank. There was no more interaction with our surrveillance team. And all of time stopped. We recognized that something we had not been aware of had transpired. We existed but in just a vague way. People and material things began fading away. We put together a commitee and as they were arguing about it. All of a sudden a group of rather young adults began turning up from out of no where. When we began talking to them we found they were very disoriented. We found when we asked them where and when they came from that the time periods ranged about 1990 to the years very shortly after the year 2000.

We took every person from that had turned up out of no where and figured out basically when and where they came from. We then sent them back as close (within milliseconds if at all possible) to the time we figured they came from and told them that whatever you were there for you need to go back.

Things began to change back after we sent them back but the surveillance teams began to notice that they were having difficulties such that we sent a team back.

We found there was a group of people who were very advanced beyond their time who were involved in some major activities. We also recognized that what was transpiring was the advent of a major political, economic, and physical catastrophe.

One of our surrveillance team happened upon a group of people who were wiring a facility and could not trace thier backgrounds within the time period and apprehended one before the person disapeared with his group because he was finishing up the work.

After questioning the person, who had insisted on finishing his work claiming he was an electrician, he said, "You know if you do not quit messing with us you are all going to disapear." Then he turned around and said very point blank, "I do not even exist yet in the time period where you were developed." Then disapeared.

When this was reported back we began studying history more and realized that because a few people had time traveled prior to our controlling time travel information in the form of DNA had been transmitted to people who were not ready to deal with the knowledge that came with it. So we had to change our strategies for time travel. Making it economically possible required our investing in the economic systems safely and strategically to support the work became a necessity.

The major problem was to not to be caught by ourselves during the times before we recognized that we had to intervene. This was to make sure we continued to exist without disrupting the time continuum which obviously had happened all ready once. We had gathered from what we could in a vague historical basis that about 4 December 1997 that a major international conflict based on economic distress and overpopulation had transpired. This would anhilated the entire world to the point all systems and life had regressed. Virtually all life as we knew it had ceased to exist.

So through out time we continued to monitor time to try to intervene in major world conflicts and help with peace keeping.

The one thing we had pointed out to us was that most things in history repeat themselves until systems, people, DNA, humans, etc. find or learn there is a better way.

In the century following a great many novels were published which discussed the causes of war and plagues. Which were all based on the same premise. Wars and plagues arecaused by economic distress brought on by a swell in population growth. Such that all civilized systems had to rethink their way of thinking and interacting. No longer could the civilized world only afford to feed the bodies of people they also had to begin feeding their minds such that all could survive together.

It is written in all great books a person does not exist by the food they eat alone, and the greatest wealth of all is knowledge.

We have had peace for a great long time. We watch constantly for anything that may interfere for history has a way of repeating itself. Even in advanced societies.

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