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Time Travel - Outlaw Fugitive - Locate Jack

Chapter 3 - DNA Replication Cloning - A Careful Oversight

© 1998 H. Sundstrom

      "This has to be just perfect. No mistakes. I have been through this program over and over again. The DNA must simulate the DNA of that of an individual in the late 1900's and be viable. We will have to first make sure that the DNA is capable of producing a health offspring. We will only be able to send back one half of the strand to complment the other strand or plasmids to insert. As a matter of economics and energetics time transport of anything is very very expensive. We must thank our great contributors of the project for peace."

      I can remember this speech on the communicator channel. It had finally been decided that it was not any chance that any advanced society had ended in violent self destruction once they had advanced to the point they had that ability. We were still tracing and tracking transmissions trying to decide if there had been any interventioins. At the very least we were going to be prepared by sending back as much safe genetic DNA memory we could to control anything that might lead to an offset in world events during this time frame.

      I had been looking through the microscopes for hours. Spent years on the projects. We had many very successful DNA candidates who had all the memories needed to inform a system and to be able to adapt and coexist safely in the 1900's. The old languages were limited and difficult to learn. They required such limitations of aural interjections which were limited beyond the mind think communications which were much more enriched informative and full than the limited language of an ancient civilization.

      We knew that sending anyone or anything back to such a Barbaric time was to surely condemn them to death if they did not mimic or simulate the time period closely.

      People in this time era still had cannabalism, and murder...emotional outbursts and lack of self control which they had not learned to work with or control. It was a very dangerous violent time. The chances of success were very very slim. So we had decided to select women who had children who died at birth for various reasons and to place in their stead children that were cloned from selected DNA. It was the most economic thing we could do. For the reasons of survival for their offspring and our DNA recombinant clones we felt it was not only acceptable but also logical for a child born into a system would be more readily accepted and less apt to be traced. We had decided to send back with the proven recombinant clone DNA a very advanced medical professional who had studied intensely in the history of the world during this era. All that had to be incorporated into preexisting systems to protect them from being interfered with was to select and find a place to fit the medical doctor in at appropriate times.

      I myself am an advanced recombinant clone DNA specialist - the best. Who had a few ancestors were born and lived in the very very threatened and dangerously threatening lands in the middle east when they were coming out of a War Lord type of civilization too rapidly into the advanced civilizations with 1900 modern warfare capablity but no experience to teach us not to utlize it.

      I made sure that I gave the DNA sequence from my eyes to a few of the recombinant DNA clones such that when the time came the memories of me trying to make the DNA perfect all the hours I spent looking through the microscope if and when those memories were stimulated...if they ever asked - Why do I know this? Who am I? Where did I come from? That maybe they would remember and understand that I am here helping to create them and to see our concern for them and for our future.

      For the end we had been able to discover on the recently self destroyed advanced civlizations showed that the end had been awful beyond human imagination. Even the atmosphere of the planet had eventually died as all life that had helped create it had been destroyed all the way down to the chemotrophic fungi. All that was basically left was a sterile charred barren remnant of a planet unable to even sustain life to the point it could barely even remove the memory of its own destruction.

      To be continued.

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