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Time Travel - Outlaw Fugitive - Locate Jack

Chapter 1 - The First Mistake

© 1998 H. Sundstrom

      It had been determined in the far distance future...maybe when it was in the 48000 years or more that someone had broken the rules and traveled backwards somehow. There were just too many things that had suddenly turned up in our research of history on the electronic archives. All of a sudden very obvious sporadic stories and transmissions had started from some odd source for a short brief period of time during a major political, economic disasters, disease/plague and international crises/conflicts. The problem with the time control police was we could not trace all the information to just one source.

     We had known for quite some time it would be extremely unsafe to share information even information that was electronic for fear of upsetting the balance of the past. We had managed to learn how to travel to distant galaxies but had not found any signs of life even if planets in solar systems were diverse enough in life to for it to be reasonable to find advanced life forms.

      There was one distant galaxy that had found recent traces of advanced life quite possibly to the level we had achieved about the year 2000 prior to the great plagues and wars that thinned out the population to where we had learned to control population such that we could advance.

      We had just learned in the year 1997 that the sun was beginning to show signs of being unstable and aging such that we had to redirect ourselves quickly to try to save any life that was on earth. We were not sure how much time we would have. So after the plagues had stopped and the wars had been controlled we set ourselves on trying to bring as much life from off the planet earth in any form that we could be it living, in DNA form or frozen embryos. For we had learned with the isolation and extinction of many species as the human population had encroached upon their systems that as their DNA became less and less diverse that just the right pathogenic disease organism that had learned their DNA sequence could wipe out an entire species. We had lost the DNA diversity of several plant species and animal and thus we lost them except in memory for eternity.

      The scientists on the distant planet in a far off galaxy which once could only be seen when one looked in the Northern sky at night in the Northern hemisphere when facing North was in the upper right quadrant...I cannot remember what it would be called now as Earth and its solar system no longer exists. The sun exploded not too long after it was evacuated to the best of the ability of the system. It was long and tedious. We lost a great many people who would not leave as they felt that it was of their essence...some of the strange old beliefs had hung on...and those who were just too damaged genetically by the suns last flaring radiation bursts who would not have been able to tolerate the long trip and the compression of space travel.

      I suppose this is something I should not be sharing because it shows how much we botched up our jobs and in the end ended up being those who botched up the job we were suppose to be doing...I guess even now it does not matter if the end justifies the means...I just think so much for so long how ignorant and egotistical we really it was there never would have been time travel or disease spread had it not been for the few who violated the rules in the first place. I myself have been caught in violation of the rules of strict enforcement of time travel control. I now await trial. No one who still adheres to the rules and believes in them that is a part of the strict autocratic automatic swift justice would ever admit or even sway from the wheels of justice we had created...not even would I when I caught violators until I finally visited one of the planets we discovered within a century of its own self destruction.

      First it was one planet that was discovered then it was another and then others....they were all found to have ended at some advanced stage in warfare which totally anhilated themselves.

      It just began to make sense to us that by some freak chance we had outwitted the competitive violent nature of life which brought us up from unicellular organisms to complex multicellular organisms which had crawled up out of the sea to finally develop a backbone and learn how to stand upright.

      But the problem was it became more and more obvious that it was not any freak chance or accident. There were very strange things that began to show up in history towards the end of the 1900s when records began being kept and transferred to more permanent methods...often in fiction and poetry combinations of language were completely out of sync with was not extremely obvious rather inobivious...very obscure...but we were able to locate one person...Jack who was found to be giving very perculiar suggestions and bits of advice which made absolutely no sense to a medical profession. It had been basically determined the person had been rather ill and possibly learned a great deal about the condition such that they were able to relate it to other professionals with not a great deal of medical background or knowledge.

      The person had been tested for intelligence and sanity. Found to be a bit above average but beyond that not much else.

      So we began to look elsewhere to see if we could determine just who and what was beginning to affect the outcome of wars.

      The concern had become so great that the military and defense systems had gotten involved just in case someone had escaped or sent out information that should never have been sent out or was about to be sent out and change the future for eternity to quite possibly get us stuck in some sort of never ending loop that would double back on itself never to go anywhere much beyond where we were...We were not quite sure what would happen or how or why. But we knew we had to find out if someone had made it back and if they were affecting the current future and its continued existance.

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