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The Sun and the Wind


The Sun and the Wind

An Aesop's Fable
As Retold by Ms.Holly

Once long ago the Sun and the Wind made a bet. It happened on one summers day long long ago...and this is how it came about....

The Wind said boastfully "I am far stronger than you are."

The Sun just looked at the wind and said nothing.

So the Wind went on to say, "I am so much stronger than you are that look down at that traveler on the road. I bet I can make him take off his cloak before you can."

The Sun just kept looking and said nothing still.

So the Wind then said, "So I will go first as I know you will never be able to do that." So the Wind proceeded to blow and blow and blow. But all the traveler did was clutch his cloak tighter to himself. Finally the Wind was so tired he gave up, saying, "Well if I could not do it then surely you cannot...So there is not really any sense in you trying to remove his cloak."

The entire time this had been going on the Sun had decided to hide behind a cloud. So the sun then came out and began to beam. Very slowly it began to get warmer so much so that the traveler when he came to a stream took off his cloak and all his clothes to go swimming.

Moral: Gentle persuasion is often more effective than brute force.

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