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To think that just for a moment that I could have overlooked something so obvious that the cheaper places to shower had ways to view your body. To stand in such a place and guard what you had because if you paid for storage probably the people who rented it would steal from you.
        The water was hot refreshing. For some reason I had been given a regular members extreme discount to go.
        Now here I am standing in the porn sector bars seeing my body moving around in the shower almost suggestively as I cleanse myself.
        Crud what is Sed going to think about me now? We’re to be committed in a legal binding business couple contract.
        If I hadn’t showered regularily I would not have stayed as attractive nor as healthy all these are my images from youth on up. OMG now there is an advertisement pay 2000 eu’s and get a profile on this female. Look now there is a man being shown from his youth on up.
        Gee am I ever ignorant. I just thought I found a good deal.
        Mimi (me-me) walked out. I am going to sue these people.
        Sed walked into the same porn bar a few hours later. Went into the back with the owner. All of Mimi's information was deleted.
        The porn squad entered the pub. Searched the entire data base. Nothing in regards to Mimi.
        Sed stood there and smiled. At least I know there won’t be any more competition in regards to Mimi now. I just had to send her that data base image to cut it off. It was cheaper than paying them off for a life time. Can you imagine how much it would have cost them if she had sued them since she is now a part of the governing body here in this space connection center. The money would have been nice but I might have lost her if she had known that I found her through their system. Oh well she is worth more than that to me. Besides if she found out I would not have gotten any of it anyways.
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