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        He watched as Mimi's image turned around in the shower running her hands over her body with her body wash gloves. So innocently and unaware of her being recorded for showing at the Porn Bars. She had been a big draw since she first turned up at the showers.
         Her long straight dark auburn hair glistening in the warm water. The fog of the heat of the showers coming off her dripping body as she dried off. She had been such a big draw and money maker they had begun to put her in a private shower room where they could get better images of her from all sides from the hidden cameras..
        Sed could not stand it. He had grown to be mesmerized by her images from age 14 to now as she had rounded out from a young girl to a woman. At night he dreamed about her. Recognizing she was next to unreachable at the academy unless he joined and signed a lifetime contract. Everyone knew they were for life even if they were broken into year sections of varying lengths. Once a part of the Space Command always a part of the Space Command and subject to recall. Sed had managed to get into MiMi's classes by bribing a few programmers for the classes to put him up faster than anyone who joined late would have. He had to study extra hard to pass the tests that allowed him to jump ranks. No time for play or fun such that often he had missed out on Mimi's latest shower images.
         He could not live without her. Now they were friends talking. Mimi was clueless about what was going on at the showers. At least he had been spared as his father was a diplomat and had certain ammenities and priveledges that the average person did not have. Most academy students were not allowed into the Porn Bars because of their ages. He had found a way around it because he had identification he had purchased so he could get around the age and profiling which prevented such viewing and entry to such establishments. He and his friends would like to go slumming it occassionally when he ran into Mimi's image. It had cost him quite a bit to find out who she was and where she could be located.
         Sed stood up and looked in the mirror. Well he didn't look so bad in the uniform. It had given him direction in his life whereas many of his companions who had begun slumming it had ended up on the illegal end or in the most boorish of schools.
         This unending desire and drive for Mimi kept growing. It never ended night and day he dreamt of touching Mimi's long dark auburn hair when it was loose in the showers. She always kept it braided up or wrapped up around her head. Her body which had rounded out over the years grew ever more desireable. He had managed to purchase a few images of her which he kept hidden from everyone at his parents living quarters.
         There she was standing in the hallway. She turned and smiled at Sed so openly so pleasantly as Sed saw her standing there she melted away to a memory of her in the showers. She moved and the image faded. He smiled back and felt a bit warm.
         Mimi walked over and asked, "Your Sed aren't you?"
         He replied feeling a warmth move through all his body as his breath felt like it would float away from him shortly, "Yes, I'm Sed."
         "Oh, that's good a friend of mine told me that you were particularily good at spacial equations where mass and matter are concerned. I was wondering if you could help me with a few problems I've been having." said MiMi.
         Sed looked at her and smiled his body feeling ever warmer with every breath as he looked at her somewhere in between the woman who was actually looking at him and the memory of her turning around in the showers with the water running off her hair as she moved around and her hair following her body's movements. "Why of course, I have a break after classes. You are welcome to come with me to my parents quarters where I study." Sed replied.
         Mimi walked into Sed's room at where he lived with his parents. She looked over to the side of the room. There was a shower all of his own. Richer than most people here. What is he doing in the Academy? Maybe its an advantage to have the training. Surely he is going to go on to the other educational facilities that are way beyond my reach such that he can participate in the running and building of space communities.
         No sense in ever considering him as surely he has a planned out relationship all ready. But I can dream. Such beautiful skin absolutely flawless except for a few freckles which run lightly across his face. Dark black brown hair with a little wave to it. Brown olive toned skin. Probably of the oil line descendants who first came here and made things work even when it was barren scarce and dangerous. So many lives lost in trying to make Space work as the next outpost for life.
         The man walked into the room with Sed in tow with his fake i.d.'s. It was the man who had originally taken Mimi to the Space Academy. Nothing better than the son of a person in a leadership position to find my catch desireable.
         Sed turned around and could not move. He was absolutely captivated by the image of Mimi turning around in the shower. He could not move could not think could not do anything but stare. She was almost absolutely flawless except for a small mole on the side of her pelvic girdle not quite on her hip. Smooth flawless skin which water flowed down over.
         "Who is she?" asked Sed.
         The man replied, "She's a student at the Academy. If anyone knew those images existed they would get in trouble. Most of the images we show here are of common poor people. Very few who enter the showers are worth the time and effort to record images of. But for some reason the people who do this job seem to be absolutely fascinated with Mimi. Probably because she is so clueless that she is being recorded for later showing. I'm not sure why. She does not do much but shower and leave.
         As you see over here we have two women who met each other and became attracted to each other so we gave them a major discount to a private shower showing room. They really cannot sue as they sign a waiver when they come in. No one really reads the small print.
         Problem with Mimi is she has the entire governing body behind her and if it is discovered we could be shut down for good - well at least hurt quite a bit economically. So we sort of keep this from the standard population and just show it to a select few. We are not allowed to give out information as to who and whom these people are in order to keep it more anonymous but there are ways. Here is a card to someone who can help you meet her."
         Sed was 17. Mimi had just turned 15.
         It wasn't long before Sed was in the Academy standing right next to Mimi in a uniform. His parents were very pleased and proud to see Sed take so much interest in his studies so they encouraged him and bought him whatever they could to help him advance. Mimi had to work much harder as she did not have the advantages that Sed had. She was unaware that he had all sorts of advantages such that she simply admired his advancement. Sed did not have to do the standard chores she had to do such as work in the food facilities or cleaning up around the facility. This gave Sed extra time to study, and advance in the system.
         Sed looked at Mimi. She had started looking a little thin and dark around the eyes. The hard work had begun to show at age 17. Soon she would be eighteen and ready to go out on voyages for internship. He would have to be very careful to make sure if they were parted it would not be for long. He would have to make sure to electronically mail her constantly.
         Sed reached over and touched Mimi's long hair. She had never been with anyone before this night. She had just turned 17. If he did not wake her soon and send her back to the Academy she would be given demerits and possibly not advance to the next level. Even though he regreted it he went and got a warm cloth and ran it over her face and then down across her beautiful body. She stirred turned over and smiled at him. All he wanted was to hold her touch her and start all over again but if she wasn't back at the Academy shortly he would possibly never see her again. He helped her get dressed and sent her off in a fast rail car to the Academy. Turned on her image. As it danced around in the light he slowly drifted off into sleep remembering what it was like to have her hair flowing down around his neck and body.
         "Oh by the by make sure you shower as much as you can afford. It will keep you healthier out here and better looking. Here's a card to get a discount into these showers I got it from a friend of mine. Also here is a ticket to the cleaners and a bottle of cleaner for inbetween spots. Make sure to wear light clothes under the uniforms which can be cleaned easier to help make the uniforms last longer and stay cleaner longer. Good luck. If you need help write and I will tell you who to contact. But keep in mind some of these people are into shady dealings and if you can do it on your own it's better to not owe them anything." With that he lifted Mimi off into the dark and sent her with her pack off to the Academy when the boss and no electronic surveillance equipment was watching.

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