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Lisa's Problem


         Lisa when she was young was diagnosed as being hyperactive. They had put her on the drug Rittalin to help her with her problems. As she began to get older and her teen years set in along with the additional growth spurt where she grew up over six feet tall in less than three years. With all those hormones she just started going crazy in her mind trying to keep herself under control.

        Her parents realized she had problems so they sent her to a psychiatrist who gave her several diagnosed problems. He eventually put her on five psychiatric drugs rather than give her an outlet for all that energy which was too much for her young body and mind to handle.

         Eventually Lisa began sleeping constantly such that she did not like her psychiatric drugs and quit them. Her hyperactivity began to get the best of her. Her grades went down, her restlessness increased and she began to get into trouble.

         Eventually Lisa began hanging around a group of people who abused illegal drugs. The one that she tried which helped her slow down was marijuana. The problem being it was not always pure, often had other drugs mixed in with it and the dose was not controlled. Eventually because she had been expose to alcohol, cigarette smoking and marijuana when she was a young adult after having two children she ran into cocaine at her work environment.

         She was raising her two children and another person's child when she tried cocaine. The next thing she knew she was addicted to cocaine and eventually moved on to crack cocaine. She lost her license, lost her car, lost her job, lost her house, lost her children; eventually she lost her freedom and ended up in jail.

         Lisa was caught twice with minimal amounts of crack cocaine or just with paraphernalia such that she got very little probation time and went immediately back to abusing crack cocaine. She is now in jail possibly for a very long time because she was finally caught with a substantial amount of crack and had a very bad conflict with the police when she was caught. She ended up stealing the under cover police car and trying to shoot herself with the gun that was in the truck.

         She went from being a good student to being a poor student then a criminal because she abused illegal drugs when she had psychiatric and hyperactivity problems. She is twenty-four years old and looking at possibly twenty years in prison at this time. Had she simply worked with the system she could have been prescribed legal drugs to help her with her problems that are considerably safer than illegal drugs. She is hopefully finally obtaining help with her addiction and psychiatric problems through the system after totally destroying her life.

         Lisa went from having a very conservative job to eventually becoming an on call stripper. Eventually her capability to function was so poor that she became an escort. When her addiction became very bad eventually she began being an intimate companion for money. She said everyone left happy except me.


         The F.D.A. made certain drugs illegal because they have been proven to not have enough medical benefits to outweigh the dangers of using these illegal drugs. Even many legal drugs can be dangerous if not used carefully in accordance with directions.

         Legal drugs are processed, created, tested, and designed in safe clean laboratory conditions and standards. The legal pharmaceuticals are often time released so the dosage is safer and lasts over a substantial period of time. For this reason a legal pharmaceutical drug should never be taken in any way other than it is designed for. To take a legal drug through an intravenous injection or to inhale it when it was designed for ingestion is not only dangerous it is illegal. By taking a legal medication in a manner that it is not designed for you run the risk of serious damage to the body tissues or an over dose which may kill you.

         Just because a drug is legal does not mean it is not addictive. When a person abuses legal drugs they can become rapidly resistant to the medication such that it is not affective any longer for the purpose for that which it was designed and prescribed. You do not get something for nothing in this life. All drugs and medications have side affects so you have to be very careful when using legal medication. Do not take anyone else's medication because it is illegal and if you are caught with their prescription drug you can go to jail. If you do not keep your medications in a prescription bottle you may have to prove that these drugs are legally prescribed to you if searched by a police officer for any reason in a vehicle. Another person's medication may cause you to have an allergic reaction or may even kill you if you take it so do not experiment with anyone's prescribed medications.

         If you develop or have a legal or illegal drug related problem please contact someone and seek help before you loose your freedom, your mental or physical health or end up hurting someone else in the process. If you know anyone with a problem please get them help before they end up hurting someone else or themselves. It is not the objective of any government system (if things are handled properly) to destroy a person with a drug problem.



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