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by Ms. Sundstrom

         He walked into the hallway where he could hear the heated argument where he could over hear what was being said yet still not be seen.
         "You can't go out there. You know it is forbidden."
         "Oh for crying out loud. There is plenty of food out there being grown for all of us. They don't have to just let those Devil's spawns eat it. They eat all that food that grows in the garden and we do not get to eat any of it. We have just as much right to the food as anyone else. Just because they run the ships does not mean we are any less deserving of the food that touches their lips. We can slip out there get some food and then come back in. I am sick to death of eating whatever is given to us. Why do you think they are so fat? No one can stomach what we eat enough to gain that much weight. I have heard that the garden contained many many wonderful fruits and grains. All we get is this scrap."
         "You do not know what is out there in those gardens. They are other world beings. You do not want to be out there with them. They are not like us they can survive out there and it will not bother them at all, we can't."
         "But there is lots of food out there. Give me the key code so I can get in."
         "They go out there they eat all they want. We should get some also we do plenty of the work. I am sick of the stuff they give us to eat."
         Aaron waited until they had left the room and gone down the hallway. He walked over to the keypad and punched in the code he had managed to obtain from the computer system and slipped into the garden.
         It was very bright at first, as the top of the dome was open to the sun's light that they were orbiting. He had to cover his eyes then look through the slits he made with his fingers to close out some of the light. He was amazed he had never seen anything so lush in his life with all sorts of plants but he did not see any fruits of any kind. I guess they had been wrong this was just an air purifying system probably without much to eat. Not very well planned out.
         He was about to leave when he turned around and saw a tree way deep in the middle. The tallest of all and he looked at it. There was a strange fruit hanging from the tree he had never seen before. The tree was loaded down with the fruit.
         He managed to weave his way out to the tree. There did not seem to be anyone out there or any visual centers to check to see if anyone was around. 'So this should be a piece of cake to get some extra food today.' he thought to himself. He reached up to grab one of the fruits and it was gone. He looked in front of him and it was as if he was looking in a mirror at one of the most beautiful creatures he had ever seen in his life. It was so beautiful so incredibly attractive so desirable all he wanted was to be this creature himself so he reached out and the mist enveloped him.
         A short while later Aaron found himself sitting in the garden with out any desire to eat he was no longer hungry, no longer felt a need to eat. He looked up and there sitting across from him was a slightly smaller female that looked a great deal like him almost a reflection of him except female.
         He asked, "Who are you and where did you come from?"
         She did not say anything she just stared into his eyes with her large eyes the same color as his.
         Just then a butterfly flew over to the flower in front of him. The small girl was looking at the butterfly with a smile and then all of a sudden it was caught in a web. A spider came out and wrapped the butterfly in its silk. Then crawled on it and began to suck out its bodily juices. The young girl cried out and looked up but Aaron had suddenly gotten sick to his stomach and ran out.
         The girl sat there and began to weep for the butterfly but did not know why. All she knew was a sadness for its passing.
         Then she got up and walked around and eventually got to the door where everyone was watching.
         Divine came running out. She yelled, "Who went in there? Who went into the garden without permission?" She looked around. "Well we will know soon enough when we get her iris's read who went into the garden. Open the doors and let the Devil's spawn in."
         Aaron watched as the girl sat there innocently where she had been near the flowers watching the pretty butterflies fluttering around.
         All of a sudden a web was cast around her and she was immobilized. The spiders dragged her off to whatever place they took their prey.
         Awhile later Divine summoned Aaron to her chambers. "I need to scan you carefully to see if you are carrying anything dangerous because I know it was you that went into the garden."
         Aaron hung his head down and waited for the scan to be completed.
         "Well you are fortunate this time it tried another ploy and so you can stay alive. But don't go into the garden again because next time it may be you being taken off with by the spiders or something even worse." said Divine.
         "What is that?" asked Aaron.
         "We do not know and we do not know how to get rid of it but we know how to contain it out there that is all. We are not even sure how it got in there it just turned up one day. When we told you there is not any other food out there we were not lying. You are lucky to be alive the others all died who went out there except the spiders."

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