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Eeiren's Salt Dough Recipe & Sculpting Page

Eeiren's Salt Dough Recipe & Sculpting Page
Valentine Jewelry

Valentine Modeled Jewelry

The Perfect Teacher's Valentines Gift?

      Kyla when she was young had hearing problems that went undiagnosed such that she is speech and language delayed then later found in addition she had weak eye muscles she needed to train to strengthen. Her mothers optometrist she works for discovered this problem with a new advanced technique and gave her eye strengthening treatment. I have been working with her for years in regards to these problems.

      During this period of time we have done many things such as worked with playdough, baked where we have to read, let her make the shopping lists, taught her how to use the computer so she can read electronic books and play educational games. Currently we are doing a combination of Comic books with associated videos, cartoons, toys or dolls.

      This last week we have been sculpting modeling plastic and salt dough. We have made baby dolls, jewelry, faeries, dogs, a duck, strung doll body parts.

     This jewelry is made from modeling plastic, valentine cookie cutters, plastic jewels and ribbon. The modeling plastic is baked for 15 minutes. This can be purchased at most hobby and craft stores or sections of larger stores. The plastic jewels came from an art kit and are pressed into the modeling plastic. I rolled out the modeling plastic with a round pastry rolling pin then cut out the shape with the cookie cutters. These can also be pressed into or glued onto salt dough jewelry when it is dry. I usually leave salt dough out to dry as the consistency changes when the salt in the dough it heated. Depending upon the thickness of the dough determines the length of time required for drying.


Two cups all purpose flour
One Cup Table Salt
Two Tablespoons Cooking Oil
Water added as needed to work into a workable mass approximately a quarter of a cup of water to begin with then add as needed. Later If the salt dough becomes dry while working dip your fingers into water and work it into the salt dough mass.

Put the flour into the bowel then add the salt and dry mix. Then add the oil. Then add water. Do not get the mixture too wet as it will not work well and will stick to things. Work the mixture until it is a nice workable mass that sticks together well and works very well.

      I have seen beautiful things made with salt dough from salt dough hat wall hangings to just about anything the mind can think up. I have been making salt dough doll figurines since I was about 9 years old and given them away as Christmas gifts.

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