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YES Midis


Once there was a dimension in time and space that had no problems for nothing which was evil was allowed to exist there....

As time went on...after awhile there were many who were new who only knew of the stories of what it was like in this dimension of Nod - A Land of Dreams before Evil was banished...

The young ones were curious for they had never experienced anything which was bad...They began to take for granted things such as the wise advice of those who had experienced evil before it had been banished. So they began to disobey the rules of the dimension and to dabble in things which were evil...They would go where no one would find them doing such...Except for there were a few who turned away from such invitations...and knew not what was going on...

One day Aaron, who was an elf, walked into the midst of such terrible evil as they were drawing in. She turned around to warn the others who sat at the great councils which helped make the rules to protect all the spirits of Nod.

But it was too late for when Aaron had returned the evil they had drawn into Nod was so great that it tore at the very boundaries of Nod. Aaron watched as those who were still left clutched and fought to hold on so as not to be pulled into the massive void of evil and inequity. But their struggles were in vain and they fell into the chasm they had invited in - To be lost in the continuum of time and space perhaps for eternity.

The rift slammed shut behind them and nothing could be done to help them for they were lost to Nod...unless they could find their way back through knowledge and learning - which takes time and dedication...if one is fortunate and wise enough to seek such great wealth and know where to find it.

Aaron returned to where she had been before she went looking for her friends...She had been watching her friend Pixelita spining a web to catch the morning dew over a flower...As Pixelita spun the web the dew drops sparkled like jewels in the light of Nod. All of a sudden the web was torn as it caught a piece of the evil of inequity which had made it into Nod when the rift was opened..before Aaron could warn Pixelita she touched it and disapeared...

Aaron waited a long long time for her friends to return..until she missed them so greatly she decided to go look for them...She had to go back in time through her memories to where they were falling. When she found the place she jumped to find them and was lost in time and space...Until Pixalita caught her in one of her webs.
And Aaron now journeys through all dimensions that Pixelita takes her to look for her long lost friends.


You can find references to Pixalita as she tries to help and warn young spirits through all of space and time - as she weaves her stories and webs to educate and help us all...Pixelita is still here amongst us in spirit even in the webs we have here... Her rule of wisdom is let the creator of anything always be given credit in the web, show your gratitude to the givers of the web and originators - Who have given us this great gift which can be used to help prevent us from making the same mistakes of not listening to the good advice of wisdom of experience.

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