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Eeiren's Digital Photography Examples and Lessons
Eeiren's Digital Photography Examples and Lessons

Eeiren's Digital Photography
Examples and Lessons

This is an electric battery run tiger about six inches in length. It was photographed inside the house during the night under flourescent lighting slightly from above which worked better than at the level of the photography subject. I have selected a white background for contrast to bring out the colors of the electronic tiger toy.

This photo was done with a Poloroid Digital Camera that was not very expensive and did not have great resolution capability. This is an easy camera to use that a novice can figure out fairly easily. It has a few problems such as centering the subject up close often tends to place them in the wrong area of the photo. But the excellent program sold with the camera which takes a little time to master and is not very difficult or awkward makes it possible for the photographer to easily adjust images to improve their quality.

This digital camera photographs better in light and does excellent photos of the children in my family outdoors. The not great resolution gives everything a slightly softer look to it which is excellent in photos that I have framed for their great grandfather.

Minature Rocking Chair

This is a minature rocking chair I photographed on a box up against an offwhite background with the same Poloroid camera. This camera is excellent for outdoor photography such as picnicks but for display it lacks resolution for fine detail. The color is often off but it can be corrected in the photography program included with the camera.

I have learned that for taking good digital photos it is best to practise and learn about your camera so that when the moment is at hand when one desires to take that excellent photo practise makes better if not perfect.

This more simple Poloroid lower end scale price range camera is light weight easily fits in the pocket and only saves photos as JPEG such that it does not take up great space on the computer but looses capabilities that photos which take up more space have such as photo manipulation capabilities. This does not come with a memory chip and can only hold 27 photos before requiring download and erasure. Price about 50 dollars.

The Mustek I have can hold four high resolution photos bbefore requiring erasure. I have a memory chip and I cannot remember how many this holds along with how many can be taken at high and low resolution. The photos can be saved in different formats and the program included with the camera has more capabilities. Price range is over 300 dollars. Camera is slightly larger. This camera does not photograph well during dimmer light hours nor inside without extremely good lighting. The flash is not much use from a distance. So for your kids recital this digital is not capable of taking good photos unless you get up close.

Even though digital cameras have come a long way it will be awhile yet before they can compete with an excellent professional camera like I obtained for photography class. For ease of use and conveinence especially in regards to computer applications along with expense of developing photos to find out they were not worth developing I rate digital cameras as a worth while investment for the novice and for the nonprofessional.

At the higher end scale the digitals improve vastly but still lack capabilities that I deem fit for a photography session with Black and White film or color for a wedding. For my niece's wedding I pulled out the professional camera I have stopped using since I obtained digital cameras. Next wedding I will be sure to purchase more film as the need is very great in such instances. In the dim light of a late afternoon early evening wedding I would not have been able to obtain such excellent photos with a digital.

There are things that each type of camera have to offer that one can utilize to their advantage. I am not aware of an underwater capable camera that is digital as of yet. Not too long ago underwater photography required expensive photograph equipment. Today one can buy disposables that can go under water to about 15 feet which is plenty of depth to photograph the kids in the pool and a great deal of sea life which tends to stay where there is more light in more shallow depths.

I see in the future with enough work that the developers of the digital camera will overcome all the obstacles that the film cameras have overcome to have excellent photos for even the novice (as long as they keep their thumb off the front lense as I did when first learning to use a camera).

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