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Original Sin
The Rhuined Books

The First Lie The Origin of Sin the Original Sin

© 2005 H. Sundstrom Perez

      I do not know why you accuse me of being the devil child or why you believe the lies of humans who have handed down that original sin that original lie which is the origin of sin. To blame someone or something else especially one who is innocent of temptation or manipulation into doing something that is free will is not only wrong to the innocent who has been accused it is also unwise because upon telling a lie a person is that much further from the truth and that much closer to being confused to where they cannot discern the difference between the truth and a lie. I have no idea why you call me a seducer when indeed you are the one who drew me out seduced me into choosing to become more than the spirit of the tree of wisdom of good and evil. When indeed the eating of any fruit would be coming to the knowledge of good and evil because it would bring one closer to being of the physical realm than surviving only on the milk of the lamb.

      So I say to you my dear brothers of whom you would call me a sister though we know truly as angels be of neither sex then I be neither your sister nor an angel other than quite possibly adopted by circumstance. Let us tell them the truth that they have ignored and lied about from the beginning of the ages of mankind when they became not of Godliness and the truth and way. Though those who would make money telling and repeating lies that have grown to phenomenally great untruths as they make money along with control other humans by telling such let us tell the truth.

      So let me repeat the story that God told me in the hell he has been in since his coming to earth to deal with the sins of those he created hoping to redeem them from the very threshold of hell and death. No my dear brothers not one has seen heaven and returned but those who have faced the spirit of Jesus trying to turn back humans from burning in hell until the end of hell have had a second chance. Because the part of hell in which Jesus resides is so much better than the best of which is upon earth surely not one human has realized that they have died and gone to hell such that they have recieved a second chance to either become good enough to transcend or bad enough to cross over with Charon across the river styx to the chasm of chaos. Where six seeds of a pomegranate brought winter to the earth for eternity because the choice to eat of the fruit in Hades would change the future of the world to bring about seasons as a ficitional explanation of the seasons of the earth which the basis is probably upon the fruit in the garden of Eden of which Eve ate.

     So she read in the Bible seek ye first the Kingdom of heaven and all things shall follow. So she fasted and prayed until a sign came. She left the apartment to see a red bird and a minister who took her to a forest where she lifted her hands to the darkened sky of a large city of government where people had fallen away from all but the power of money and desire, greed. She knew at that time that evil had seen her such that it would come after her.

      That day she called home to her family they had decided to buy the Satanic Bible written by a perverse man who was obsessed with the original lie and sin that had grown. So in haste she drove home from the University that was private and kept other races at other Universities nearby such that she never fit in as though she looked white to most she was actually mixed in races, part Indian, part Gypsy, and many other such races.

      And then she hit the tree as she nodded off from exhaustion. Her head was severed instantly. I followed her to hell as she stood speaking with Jesus and heard the entire story that Jesus told her because he saw me watching what was being discussed because I had lived on the edge of chaos for a long time watching for when God would return to see the clouds part and God to shine down upon a faithful person who put God first in all things. A young woman who had suffered greatly in fighting her own humanity rather than accepting it as a part of being what God intended as she had listened to the perverted ideas of heads of churches who had used a law of abstinence to keep control of the riches of the churches more than to carry on the true values of God in allowing a human to learn more about love and sacrifice by natural relationships.

      When the story was finished the spirit of the girl transcended as she could not bear to go back to help God on earth as all she desired was to be with God in heaven.

      But heaven is very dark now as God knows it is sleeping for the most part because all the angels have left the heavens the dimension of peace, and tranquility where all good things can reside and all bad things cannot as they are not a part of that realm.

     And this is the story of the Original sin as told to the girl when I was listening.

      Eve looked up in the tree and saw the footless serpent sliding through the tree eating the fruit.

      She looked at the snake and said, "Serpent why do you eat of the fruit when we have been forbidden to eat of anything except the milk of the lamb of God?"

      The snake looked at Eve and hissed, "I have not been told such a thing and fruit is pleasant to eat so I eat of the fruit. I eat of anything I desire in this garden. God has not told me I cannot eat of the fruit of this tree or anything else in this garden as long as it is not flesh or animal."

      "What is the fruit you are eating called?"asked Eve.

      The snake hissed its soft reply, "Oh I believe I overheard God say this is an apple to another animal."

      Eve asked "Is it good?"

      The snake hissed, "Well the outer covering is a bit difficult to get through but once inside the fruit is sweet and juicy as long as it is full and ripe. Such that is is rather enjoyable to eat and tasty."

      Eve reached up and took an apple in her hand. Broke it from the tree. The tree shuddered a little bit almost moaned when it was broken off. Then she lifted it to her lips to take a bite to find she could not, then hit it against a rock and took a bite of the soft inside of the apple. She found it was sweet and made her mouth feel good to eat. She felt a fullness she had never felt in her life inside her stomach. She picked another, then another to eat them then when she could eat no more she looked around. The world around her had changed. Her eyes seemed to have opened. She saw the animals around her walking with fur on them to see she had no fur such that she was ashamed of her body. Then she realized she was different that this was possibly the reason she was not suppose to eat the fruit but the animals were allowed to. Eve began to grow afraid about being in trouble. She sat down and thought awhile. So she then walked over to the tree of life to reach up to eat a fruit and the branches drew away from her putting the fruit out of her grasp. So she chased the branches until she grabbed hold and held on as it whipped around. Eventually she reached the fruit and dropped to the ground exhausted. When she opened her hand the fruit had begun to rot rapidly then dried up and blew away in the wind. She realized then she had made a bad choice.

      Then she went to get Adam because she wanted him to see what she could see also. She brought Adam to the tree. She showed him that the snake was eating the apples and not dying. She said take a bite it is good to eat. She did not tell Adam about what had happened with when she went to get the fruit of the tree of life they had eaten from many times. Adam said "God said do not eat of the fruit because on that day you shall surely die."

      Eve showed she took a bite then said, "It is good Adam I want you to see what I see take a bite I have not died." Adam took the apple and took a bite. The taste was so pleasing that Adam did not stop until he could eat no more. Then he looked around to see what Eve saw all the other animals had skins on their bodies of colors and fur such that he grew ashamed of his hairless simple skinned body. So they hid together in the bushes and decided this is why God did not want them to eat the fruit so they would not know they were not as the animals were.

      God entered the garden and began wandering around talking to the animals and enjoying the walk. He realized he did not see Adam or Eve so he asked the snake where they were. The snake said they were here earlier eating apples with me. God looked at the snake and asked the snake, "Did you say they were eating apples?" The snake replied,"Yes. Eve saw me eating apples and asked me why I was eating them as you had said they could not eat apples. You told us we could eat of what we desired in the garden such that if we ate fruit we just would not live as long as if we ate only of the milk of the lamb." God looked at the snake and then called for Adam and Eve.

      "Adam, Eve come see me where are you at?"

      Adam and Eve called back "We are here in the bushes Lord."

      God said "Step out where I can see you come speak with me."

      Adam and Eve replied, "We cannot Lord because our nakedness shames us."

      God replied "Here take these and cover your bodies." So Adam and Eve stepped out covered in cloth God had given them to cover their nakedness.

      God said, "I hear from the snake that you have eaten of the fruit of the tree of wisdom."

      Eve fearing for her life thinking this would bring her death replied, "The serpent talked me into eating the fruit."

      God turned to the snake and asked, "Is what Eve is telling you truth?"

      The snake said, "I just told her it tasted good and that you did not say we could not eat the fruit."

      God began to get angry at Eve for her disobedience and her blaming her choice on the snake.

      God looked at Adam and asked, "So why did you eat of the fruit?" Adam replied, "Eve brought me here to show me that eating the fruit would not kill us. Then told me the fruit is good eat the fruit and talked me into it."

      God looked at the snake, then Adam then Eve.

      God said to the snake, "Now snake you told Adam and Eve part of the truth not all of the truth when she asked you about eating the fruit. You did not say that eating fruit from the tree of knowledge would bring about death but that you chose to eat the fruit regardless so surely you shall be cursed by all humans for bringing death to them."

      Then God turned to Adam and Eve to say, "You knew that my desire was that you do not eat of the fruit because I said in that day you shall surely die. You disobeyed my wishes but that is one thing. The truth is the way of heaven by lying about the snake and blaming it for your free will choice Eve you have brought yourself to pass such that you are not a part of heaven anymore. But Adam has not lied such that he can stay or leave with you. Adam do you chose to remain in the Garden of Eden in heaven or to leave with Eve."

      Adam looked around. All the animals had mates. He remembered how lonely he was without Eve. He looked at Eve in her nakedness which had been revealed to him when he ate of the fruit and felt a very warm longing for her Though he was sad and angry about what had transpired Adam knew he could not bear to live forever without Eve so he looked at God and said, "I cannot bear to live without Eve so I shall leave with Eve."

      And that is how it came to pass that Adam and Eve no longer lived in Heaven. Because of the original sin which was the origin of sin for humans a lie that Eve told that parted her from God and heaven.

      And the reason I know is because I was there I am the spirit of the tree of wisdom I heard everything that happened long ago such that I can witness to this day humans lie about what shamed Eve so much she could not tell the truth even up to the day she passed away. As Adam was a good man who loved her and understood her shame he never denied her story.

      And that is how it came to pass that the garden began to die as animals began to die because they ate of the fruit of the trees by free will and choice such that the light of God went away along with the milk of the lamb of which trees in the Garden of Eden must have to stay alive.

      But that is another story for another day.

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