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Little Tree

The Little Tree That Wanted More
As retold by Ms Holly

Once there was a small thorny was very very unhappy...its branches and leaves were gnarled and thorny while all the trees of the majestic forest were tall straight and magnificent. So the tree prayed to God/Allah/The Great Iam for leaves and branches that were soft and smooth, lush and straight... before it went to sleep at night.

In the morning when the forest was awakening the tree awakened to find it was taller and straighter. Its leaves and branches were straight, and without thorns. As it was admiring its beauty a group of deers wandered by. They spied the small trees soft succulent leaves and wandered over.

"My,"said one deer, "Isn't it amazing such a wonderful treat to eat in the midst of the forest." All of the other deer agreed and proceeded to eat the small trees leaves. When all the small trees soft bark and leaves were gone the deers left the barren small tree's area.

The tree stood there in the forest looking rather sad and hurting from the wounds the deer had inflicted while filling their bellies. So the tree prayed to God before going to sleep again, "I would like leaves made of glass such that no deer will ever eat them again."

In the morning when the forest noises awakened the small tree again it found God had heard its prayers and made it leaves into glass. As it was admiring its wonderous leaves and thinking to itself that no deer shall ever remove my leaves again a very large thunderstorm began.

As the rain came down in torrents the small trees leaves began to shatter, break and fall off from the heavy rain. When the rain was over all of the leaves from the tree were fallen upon the ground and it was barren again. As it stood there in it misery it thought for a long long time.

Before it went to sleep it prayed to God "I would like leaves of gold."

In the morning the tree awakened to find that God had heard its prayers and it had leaves of gold which sparkled brightly in the sunlight in the forest...It sparkeled so much indeed that a group of travelers passing by saw the leaves...and came closer to look...

"Can you believe it a tree that grows leaves of gold..we must take it home with us." said one traveler.

"No we will have to get the cart if we plan to do it is a days journey home from here." said the other.

"Well we must at least take the leaves so no one else will find the tree and mark the tree well." said another traveler...

So they all stripped the tree barren of its leaves.

They tree stood there bruised and barren thinking for a long long time.

At night before it went to sleep it prayed again to God. I would like to be as I was for never was I taken advantage of so much nor was I hurt so much.

In the morning it awakened to the forest. It was still barren. And it wept.

But at night fall it prayed again to the Great Iam to be as it had been and had not appreciated how God had made it.

But again in the morning it awakened to be barren.

And this night the tree asked for forgiveness from Allah for it had not seen what a marvelous thing it had been made in all of Allah's wisdom.

But again in the morning as it awakened it saw it was still barren... and it stood there... and finally said to God...Well I thank you for allowing me to see my foolishness and your great wisdom...I can only pray that when my leaves grow back they will have thorns.

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Don't let anyone ever tell you are not good enough...when a person is pointing a finger they are pointing four back at themselves. People who have nothing good to say ever often say too much bad and bring too much bad upon this earth....I have done wonderful things for people and helped many people. Those people who treated me poorly are now the ones everyone is pointing at. Remeber this when you see people pointing at others what do they do when you are not around. What a person does to anyone they will definitely do to you in the long run. Walk away, change your class, find another teacher, get another doctor, get another opinion, find a friend, find a good person...don't believe what they have to say for too often the only way for them to do better and be better is by knocking you down or keeping you down. Have you ever seen a bully pick on someone bigger or badder or better than they are? Remember this and don't become a party to the ugliness that too many people have learned and disseminate. Everything you do to make the world a better place will make it a better place for you and the people around you...also your children and your children's children. The reverse goes for any ugliness you do...everything ugly you do will make the world an uglier place for you, the people around you and the world your children will inherit.