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The Irids
Enya from MC's Midi Page


The Irids
1998 by Ms Holly

Once Long Long Ago

in the Wicked Realm of GeU there was a very marvelous mysterious group of magical beings who were healers of all types needs. One Day a very jealous wicked group of people began to ask, "Why do you do this and not take back?"...And the Irds replied, "Because what helps our dimension helps all of us and we benefit by it."

Well this group of people who could not heal, and could not create decided that things like making people happy, making them laugh, and making them well was something that they did not like...and it made it difficult to control them...So they decided they would take all the Irids had and use it for themselves and make everyone suffer for what had been a gift. So these group of people began to say terrible things about the Irids so people would fear them...and made the Irids so miserable by persecuting them they became not as beautiful - for even they began to believe all the lies that were told about them.

The new group of healers began to use things that were only used on rocks like alchemy to make people feel better but it did not work....Then when everyone in the Dimension began to suffer and die the GeU's began to remember the arts of the Irids and prayed to the spirits of goodness to bring them back the healers. Many had faded only into memories...Many had been called terrible names such as demons and voodoo witch doctors...or even witches - who were then cast out even by good spirits. So they had hid well and could not be found.

The terror got worse as the dimension became so dark and unenlighted that no one could see a way to make anything better and decided all was for Doom only.

And out stepped the first of many brave souls who said, "We have forgotten that a part of what makes us happy is giving and sharing and caring...this is a very important part of surviving and healing."

And people began to remember...and the healers returned for they were finally seen for the good people they were.

Wicca were never witches for they practised the healing arts of herbal remedies and helped the poor with giving birth to their children - those who could not afford doctors.

Those who say or know different have not spoken with elves or Faeries who remember the stories of old..or even historians.

To have life, to create life, to sustain life you must be filled with life.

Natural remedies come from the energy and power of the sun...which makes the rain fall, the winds blow and the seasons change.

To all my friends who are healers and have helped me..wether they be Wicca, physician, herbalist, stress manager...I wish you all well for carrying on the work of the Irids.


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