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The old man stepped had been sitting near the fire in a self-induced trance for many days. One night he began to stir and everyone I the tribe sat down to hear another story from the elder who had a near death experience when he was mauled by a lion and had begun to have out of body experiences. As the old man stood up the light from the dying fire cast an eerie glow to the surroundings as his shadow danced in the light cast from the fire. As he moved slowly in a rhythmic movement which flowed with the story he told all who listened became so quiet that one could almost hear his thoughts as the story raced from his mouth.

I have had a vision. I have seen the future.

Our brothers one day will be seventeen hands tall and more.

They shall wear suits the color of the stars.

They shall be the color of the earth baked in the sun until it does not have water in it any more.

They shall move as swiftly as the wind.

They will have the spirit which possesses wonderment such that all who see them will become one with their spirit and music from their souls.

They shall be accepted by all and will carry with them the truth of the future.

They shall be as powerful as the spirit of the fire of lightening from the sky.

And they shall be one with all who are to come before and after us.

No matter how terrible the journey that is before us. I have seen of traveling across the ocean. We shall become strong as we become one with all we meet and learn from.

They will travel in great ships through time and the heavens to lead us to a better way.

They will guide us when we feel there is not any hope anymore in our lives.

Those who will be enslaved and have been captured and enslaved shall be guided to freedom not only of the body but also of the spirit such that we will grow stronger.

There will be weeping. There will be suffering. But also there shall be great joy in many of the experiences. So take hope even in the darkest of days for we shall persevere and grow strong.



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