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The Dead Addiction Plague


         I have had serious physical health problems for a great length of time and they were getting worse without the help of my regular physician.

         Many of the people who end up hospitalized have had a lifetime of problems, some had prison, and jail problems associated with it. Most had illegal drug problems, which gave them legal and mental problems because they are so damaging and dangerous to the body.

         That is where I met Jobe. I took a like to him very slowly. At first I did not see him as being too together as he was always anxious.

         One day I was sitting in the television room for the people who were the most together and were following their therapy plans the best and Jobe began telling me about a man who had befriended me. The man was an alcoholic. The man had told Jobe that he had been drinking alcohol and smoking pot when he was on the outside on a visit. So I stopped associating with him and thanked Jobe for it.

         Now I wonder who was telling the truth because Jobe was an addict for many years.

         Jobe had gone to an acupuncture program at a very highly acclaimed program. I had met two addicts who were licensed acupuncturists in the hospital. One was extremely far gone and hearing voices. Jobe seemed very intelligent and together.

         Jobe had one of the most fascinating lives I have ever heard of. He spent a few years following the Grateful Dead Tours around selling T-shirts and food in the parking lots. During that time he made decent money and partied up all that time without having to deal drugs, steal or anything else illegal.

         Illegal drugs are very dangerous to take because they are rapidly addictive and the body becomes resistant to them very fast. Many prescribed drugs can be that way also.

         When I had been very ill physically and hemorrhaging internally from something I had ordered homeopathic Chinese Detoxifiers which stopped my internal bleeding. So I was very interested in what Jobe had to offer to help my body. When I left the hospital I was very ill and was being prescribed penicillin, which had started helping. Jobe gave me a list of healthy natural remedies to help my body, which I finally felt well enough to go out to purchase.

         I called him back on the phone to see how to take these natural healers as they had helped his mother with her tumors so she did not have to have radical surgery. He seemed so intelligent and dead set against illegal drug abuse along with addictions in our many conversations I began to trust him.

         Eventually Jobe convinced me to come up to his house so we could look at catalogs to order natural herbs. He spent many hours explaining the herbs to me. But prior to doing this he was having an anxiety attack so he convinced me to take him to the emergency room.

         This morning Jobe's mother called me and asked me what herbs Jobe had taken that we bought at the natural food store. I told her what I could remember and then she told me he was in the emergency room that he was not expected to live, "Do you know what he took?" Then I told her that when we left to go to the natural herbal store he got me to stop by an emergency room.

         There Jobe concocted some deceptive story for the medical people so they would not check his prescriptions. I found this out later when I walked in and heard part of the story when he was leaving and the nurse spoke to him. Jobe had told the medical persons at the emergency clinic that he had just come back from Atlanta with his prescriptions and his doctor was up there. That he had been taking two drugs that are highly addictive and dangerous. From what I can figure out he said someone had broken out his back window and stolen his prescriptions and because it was out of the area they did not call to check on the prescriptions. The medical personelle who were unfamiliar with his addiction just took his word for it because they had not treated him before. They were very compassionate because he probably told them he was having seizures because colonapin is also for seizures not just anxiety.

         Jobe had me take him to a local pharmacy inside a grocery store to get the prescriptions. He left to go to the bathroom. They handed me the prescriptions and asked me if I wanted both prescriptions filled, as they did not have the second one. I looked at the prescriptions, one was colonapin and the other was methadone. When Jobe came back I asked him do you really want the methadone as you have had an addiction problem. He replied my back is hurting and nothing else really works for me.

        Jobe got himself a shot of colonapin and visteril while I was with him at the emergency room. Jobe's mother believes he took three days prescription of colonapin and methadone all at one time when I left his house. He began acting very crazy because he is allergic to colonapin and addicted to it. By the early morning hours Jobe had fallen out of bed and had a heart attack. He was bleeding from his nose and ears. He had vomited all over the floor.

         His mother walked in and found him like this. She waited until the late morning hours to call to ask me what he had taken and to tell me what happened. She had spent over a year trying to get Jobe off his addictions to psychiatric drugs and heroine.

         Jobe was trained in healthy living and homeopathic medicine - alternative herbal remedies. He was a very bright young man who passed a difficult long expensive Acupuncturist exam. Within a matter of a week's time of taking the list of natural remedies he had helped me get much better and healthier. My tumors began to shrink.

         But Jobe is an addict. It happened late in his life after he got his acupuncture license. He went to a Rave Party where they give out the now illegal happy drug Ecstasy. Ecstasy was a psychiatric drug for severe depression until they found out that it gave spinal damage and put holes in people's brains while making them feel happier. They instead were sold some heroine and very shortly afterwards Jobe was addicted to heroine. He did anything and everything he could to get heroine. Every dime he made as an acupuncturist went to his addiction. He let dealers live with him because they would supply his addiction for free. He let complete strangers come into his house and shoot up in his bathroom because they would be a part of the dealer crowd who were supplying him heroine.

         It all happened very innocently by Jobe going to an outdoor party where everyone was taking an illegal drug he was talked into wanting to experience and he was introduced to an illegal drug even worse than ecstasy - heroine.

         Jobe's addiction was so bad that he eventually went on methadone to get off of it. He went to jail more than once because he was caught with illegal drugs. He eventually had done so much damage to himself he required psychiatric drugs, which he began having reactions to and became addicted. Eventually he went to jail for altering a prescription for such a drug. Then he was sent to a rehabilitation program at a hospital where I met him.

         I tried to tell Jobe when he said I listen to the Grateful Dead all the time that we are more than just physical beings. Whatever our faith, our values, our standards are they come over in our words, actions and our music. It is all related to E=MC2, that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. All of what is inside you all of it can be changed into energy wave lengths during communication and can be very persuasive in regards to good and bad behaviors. That if the Grateful Dead had illegal drug abuse problems that it is probably not the best music for him to listen to as he is an addict. But he ignored what I had to say and probably turned on their music as soon as I left.

         I have listened to some of the Grateful Dead and enjoyed them. I have a few books for children that have a musician from the Grateful Dead telling the stories and playing the music. It is very excellent so I have no problem with the music. Possibly this member does not abuse illegal drugs or none of them do. But my understanding is one of them possibly died from illegal drug abuse damage to his body when he was not extremely old. Jobe did say that at the Alpine Concert that many people were being busted in the parking lot for illegal drug abuse and sales. That he had been selling balloons filled with nitrogen gas (laughing gas) in the parking lot and they were busted for it. That when he was in the parking lot someone came by and said, "We saw what was done to you so here have these free concert tickets." He said the first song that the Grateful Dead came out and sang was about illegal drug abuse and control in a very negative way. So I assume that even if the Grateful Dead does not approve of illegal drug abuse they were either easily misinterpreted by those who abused the illegal drugs or they simply were selling a song that these people related to. They obviously did not make a strong statement against illegal drug abuse according to Jobe.

         People who are addicts will do whatever they want to get to what they want. Had I not had counseling I would have blamed myself for what an addict manipulated me into doing for him that has resulted in his being hospitalized in critical condition. An addict no longer has any self control so do not believe an addict. They will lie cheat steal whatever it takes to get what they think they need and what they think they want. The reason the FDA made illegal drugs illegal is because they are dangerous to the body, soul, psyche and society. The government is not trying to deceive you, prevent you from having fun, hurt you, or lie to you. If the FDA were in control of tobacco they would have to make it illegal because it is so dangerous to the body with so little benefit that is good if any. So stay smart don't start.

         I have met several addicts in my lifetime. Usually they do not quit until they are dead. They lie to themselves and everyone else about it. So do not trust them when they tell you a story especially if you catch them lying. Basically by trying to help Jobe by taking him to an emergency room assisted him in his slow suicide he had been committing for many years. But I do not blame myself. It would have only been a matter of time before he found a way into the system to help himself to drugs that he was not suppose to be prescribed anymore. I am not an addict and I am glad I am not because an addict is often so far gone they cannot be helped. If Jobe is lucky and society is lucky he will not die or have serious brain damage because he helped my health greatly with the homeopathic remedies he told me to take.

         Jobe use to help addicts get off of heroine by using acupuncture before he became an addict. Maybe he had a drink so his inhibitions were down. Maybe he wanted to be a part of the crowd. Maybe the Rave Party looked like so much fun he wanted to be a part of the experience. All he did was loose his physical and mental health then possibly lost his life last night. His mother who was trying to protect him from his addiction was outsmarted by his addiction and someone who thought she was helping him with anxiety. Death comes in all forms - many look very desireable and attractive but they slowly drain the energy of life and spirit from the body.

         Jobe is at the hospital he was flown out to last night. They do not know if he will live. He had a heart attack and is on a respirator. He is in his middle thirties. His mother is devastated because he was her youngest son.

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