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There are many tales as to who and what exactly is the dream weaver...some say it is neither a he or she but simply a spirit who becomes embodied when ever there is need for a dream or story to set things right...Some say the dream weaver is Areachne who is known well by the Indians for catching nightmares in the webs she weaves and removing the power in them. They invite her in the dream catchers they weave to catch the bugs which cause many diseases which bring nightmares with them. Some say the dream weaver is a moralist who was once Aesop's mentor....but most know the dream weaver as a dream follows a few of the Dream Weaver tales.....

The Beginning of the Dream Weaver Tales
1998 Ms Holly

There once was a child with an illness which the doctors were afraid would become a terminal illness for the child had begun to not respond to anything and was no longer eating. The doctors discussed this with the parents and the parents finally agreed to bring in a psychiatrist to help the child. The child had become so afraid the the doctors, all the medicines, needles which caused pain, and the surgeries which he had to have in the hospitals that he no longer agreed to see any more doctors or go to any more hospitals. So the main problem was his psyche or in other words how he viewed the medical practise which was trying to help the child. The child had been recuperating prior to becoming afraid of doctors, medicine, and hospitals but had lapsed into a deepening progression of his illness after he refused to see them anymore.

The doctors and parents had pretty much given up hope on the child when the parents came across an article on faith and dream healers. They were not considered to be traditional medical practitioners so the parents were very very skeptical but as the child worsened they began to try everyone and anything they could. But still nothing worked. The child either became more frightened by the people who came or did not respond. So the parents stopped trying and the mother simply sat by watching her child slip more into being less and less responsive.

One night when the child was having a particularily bad day - a very young looking woman dressed in a nice suit came to the door. She rang the door bell and the mother came to answer. She began by introducing herself.

"Hello," she said, "My name is Doctor Lynn. I am a doctor of therapy of the psyche. I heard you were looking for help with your child."

The mother had lost all faith in everything and all that mattered to her anymore was her child. She no longer wanted to subject her child to anything her child feared and shook her head and replied, "My child is too ill for help or hope any more. All I seek now is less suffering for my child. Bringing you in would only cause more agony for my child. There is nothing my child fears worse which brings on more agony than doctors. Sorry but no thanks." The mother closed the door and the woman stood there looking at her outstretched hand with her card in it.

Anyone who was walking down the street would have seen the woman stepping away from the door and beginning to walk down the street swinging her brief case in her hand slightly with her slight swing as she walked. They would have seen her as she pulled out a subway schedule...see the wind catch the edge of the schedule and the woman trying to keep it straightened out that she had caught a glimpse of herself in a storefront mirror. She had her hair tightly pulled back in an austere but very business looking outfit with her uniform jacket draped under her coat on her arm. She was carrying rather clumsy looking but functional brief case and a very unattractive rather large clumsy looking brownish black drab colored bag.

The young woman stopped and looked at herself...and her time worn face with the slight wisps of gray that came too often in a young person's life when they lead a busy demanding schedule with little time to think of their own personal needs. Then after stopping for awhile to stare she continued on down the street and down into the subway.

Later that evening a group of rather brightly dressed young people were walking down the street singing, playing instruments, and laughing as they went along... They stopped outside the window of the child's room. The child who was barely there spiritually or physically began to hear the music and laughter. The child sat up as if entranced by the good sound of laughter, music and singing. The child got up wandered slowly to the window as if drawn to it by a spell and opened the window to hear the music.

The mother came out the door and said loudly, "You need to leave with your rucus I have a very ill child inside who needs rest."

The child leaned out the window and said as loudly as the child could which was not much more than a whisper, "No mother invite them in so I can hear them."

The mother looked over in astonishment as she had not really seen much of a response from her child in a few days and feared for the worst. So she invited the group of singing laughing people right in and brought them to the sick child's room.

When they entered the room the child asked, "Play a song for me will you."

They all looked at each other and talked a minute, "Well tis tradition of old that whomever we play for feeds us with good food and fills us with good drink. ..for a good musician never works for free. Most at the least sing for their supper." They all laughed at it the child looked at the mother and she left the room. The musicians began to sing and play their instruments. The first song they sang was this one...

The Itsy Bitsy Spider Climbed up the Water Spout
Down came the rain and washed the spider out
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
And the Itsy Bitsy Spider climbed up the spout again

They went on to sing songs about not giving up hope, of trying again, of great warriors and villans. They sang songs about love and compassion. All very short and lively. As they were singing once and awhile one of the group would stop to eat or drink...Eventually the child sat up and reached over and began to eat and drink the food too.

Then all the singers began to put all thier instruments up as it was growing late and they had a Renaissance Festival they were suppose to be at soon.

The child lay down and began to rest. When everyone had started to leave there was one very very attractive woman who had sat to the side through most of it. The mother looked at her and thought this one looks vaguely familiar but in such a large city anyone could have seen many many a person and remembered them vaguely.

The mother asked the young woman, "Well aren't you going with your friends?"

"Oh I will catch up with them later. I am not a musician I am a dream weaver which is often called a story teller and I tell my stories at a different time. I can stay for a little while if you would like to tell your child a story." she said.

The mother looked at the child. For the first time in months the child had some color in its skin and was smiling. So the mother smiled and nodded in agreement and sat down to listen. The young woman looked at the child and said, "I see you have a great fear what is this fear?"

The child looked at her and said, "I have terrible terrible dreams at night that chariots come to my doorway to take me away...I am terrified for I see the faces of my family and doctors driving the coaches. There are horrid horrid terrible huge horses on the front that make terrible terrible sounds more like monsters than like horses."

The dream weaver looked at him and said, "I know of these chariots they have been here forever. They belong to the realm of darkness...and I am sure you never see them in let us keep a light on so they will not come while I tell you who they are."

This is the tale the mother was heard to tell that she heard.

"Once long ago when man was still young there were a great many people who lived on the edge of the night who drove terrible chariots of death drawn by night mares...the most horrid of horses imaginable. And Death or Hades as he was once known drove the worst and most fearsome team of nightmares. They would try to scare the souls out of people so they could capture them and enslave them to work in the pits of the mines of Hades for the gold of the Gods they so loved. Stealing souls was a terrible task and a tiresome one. So they began to cast spells of great wickedness that would cause anyone to give up hope. In these days they are known as sickness and disease but in those days they were know as soul capturing spells. The objective was to make a soul give up when in pain and misery to curse the very goodness with which their essence was made of...or to scare them into loosing faith in all that is left that is good.

At one time all of these were a great good and noble group of spirits who seemed to have forgotten that by being a good group who worked together and lived in harmony they would progress and grow stronger. They had lived where they shared and cared in harmony almost forever to the point they had forgotten all about the strife. When all of a sudden there was found a spirit who did not like to share or care...who was indeed very very selfish...and no longer wanted to be a part of the order and tranquility.

It was not so bad a thing that one was not happy with good things but what was worse is that one once great spirit stirred up dissension and unhappiness with the views the spirit presented. Such that eventually the dimension of the immortals was divided. As the ones who believed in divine individualism grew more and more self involved and more and more antisocial there began to form a great divide between the two groups. So great in fact it eventually split. There was nothing that those on the other side could do for what was not ordered calmness and tranquilty was not a part of the dimension they belonged to.

So the others became a part of the dimension of Hades a dark and pitiful terrible empty place. As they became weary of much suffering and had to endure things such as work which they had never experienced in life for they had lost much energy by no longer being a part of the spirit of great goodness they began to steal the souls, bodies and minds of the unwitting to enslave for their own purposes. For those who suffered from the same mental illnesses they fell easy prey to the Chariots of nightmares.

Since I have seen many a person loose their fight to the chariots of nightmares I will tell you a few of the things that will keep the nightmares away. You must always be very very good and share things that are good with others that you learn that will help them and your world. This is a power they do not like to feel and fear because they have forgotten it. You must always think good thoughts and say good things as these drive away the chariots of nightmares away for they fear what they have lost and no longer remember it as the beautiful pleasant thing it was and still is. You must eat good things which build the body and the this I mean good food that is filled with the light of the sun and read good books filled with good knowledge. And most of all you must never be in darkness if you can help it for long... and by this I do not mean the darkness of night it is the darkness of life and the soul. Now I have to go now but I will be back if and when you need me... or a friend will come by now and then."

The brightly clad young woman got up and was leaving the room...She turned to the mother and said, "But for now let us leave the lights on for they fear light too not just the light of the soul. And if your child's light is flickering the light will help the child keep the shadow realm out of this room."

The mother nodded in agreement and was walking with the woman to the door, as she went out the door she turned and handed her a card. The mother stared as the woman strolled lightly down the street. She was sure she remembered her from somewhere...then looked at the card. It had written on it in bright elaborate script.

'Dream Weavers' Guild of Story Tellers, Faith Healers, Miracleists, Fable Tellers,
Etc. Etc. Etc.
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The young woman or her friends came by occassionally when the child was having a difficult time. Eventually the child got so much better that eventually rarely visited.

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