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Eeiren's Doll Collection

Eeiren's Doll Collection

Collection 1

      Kyla when she was young had hearing problems that went undiagnosed such that she is speech and language delayed then later found in addition she had weak eye muscles she needed to train to strengthen. Her mothers optometrist she works for discovered this problem with a new advanced technique and gave her eye strengthening treatment. I have been working with her for years in regards to these problems.

      During this period of time we have done many things such as worked with playdough, baked where we have to read, let her make the shopping lists, taught her how to use the computer so she can read electronic books and play educational games. Currently we are doing a combination of Comic books with associated videos, cartoons, toys or dolls.

      Kyla has a collection of horses as we were doing horses and dolls which can ride them. I also have a collection of various dolls at my house ranging from movie stars to very well loved comic book characters not to forget the all time favorite of little girls Barbie and Barbie similars which have been all of the very famous female book, movie or comicbook characters.

     These are some of the things Kyla and I have sewn to encourage her reading. tThe cat we both cut out the pattern and read. Kyla has a small sewing machine now she just sewed a small doll pillow case. I will be adding more images later as to clothing we have designed together.

      The Dolls in the photo are World Marilyn Monroe, Effanbee Groucho Marx, Mae West, W.C. Fields, Brenda Starr, 2 Disney Belles of Beauty and the Beast, Tinkerbelle, Mattel Exercise Jointed Barbie, An American Girl, Paradise Galleries Erin, Jan Mcleans Lollipop Girl, Betty Boop, Asian Beauty Plastic Figurine doll, Frontier Girl in a Barbie Christmas Gown. The Big Belle was given to some poor children for Christmas after braiding her hair up to make her look more ethnic, she talks alot if she gets attention. Elle of Elle Magazine. I had a beautiful red haired Barbie in a green gown as Poison Ivy that was given away and an original My Scenes with feet dressed as Pocohontas that has been given to another child for Christmas whose mother does not have a home right now because the hurricanes inflated the cost of housing locally and is living with one of my relatives. The dolls come through, some stay to be cleaned up and dresssed to be given to poor children, some go to relatives but rarely do they stay as long as they have this year here. I am using them to encourage Kyla to read so I do not want them damaged at her house or ruined or lost. Many I send down to Mexico to the poor Rain Forest Indians who are related to my husband who ares the most discriminated against and abused group of people in Mexico or any other South American country, they have no protection and no rights in those countries.

Erin Butterfly Ring Fashion Doll

Elle  Fashion Doll

Brenda Starr Fashion Doll

Tiffany Taylor Fashion Doll

Tiffany Taylor Fashion Doll & Shoes Made Outfit

Stuffed Cat Toy

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