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Death by Tobacco Smoking

Death Wish

Why They Don't Tell You the Truth

Hi...I use to fact I use to smoke alot of cigarettes...In fact I smoked too many cigarettes...because even one cigarette hurts your body....But when I started they did not know smoking was bad for your health...Now they do but they won't tell you like we found out....Want to know why??? Because they don't know any other way to make money besides addict you to a very addictive drug that is called tobacco.....

When I began smoking all the actors and actresses...even athletes smoked cigarettes...When they found out cigarette smoking increased your chances of getting cancer they made laws to help people quit smoking...Smoking on television is now not acceptable and cigarette commercials are no longer allowed in tv...and smoking inside and in elevators is not legal...For many reasons...One is it is dangerous, Two is it causes cancer and other health problems for those who inhale second hand smoke...And when someone smokes around a smoker it makes it more difficult for them to quit. Because smoking cigarettes has been shown to be as addictive or more addictive than injecting heroine.....BUT THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY WILL NOT TELL YOU THE TRUTH...WHY???

Because they have been growing and selling tobacco so long they do not have a clue what else to do besides hurt you and your body by trying to get you to start smoking...I started when I was of the most difficult things I ever did was quit...I began with smoking nonfilter the time I quit I was smoking three packes a day...and I had walking pneumonia the last three winters...I quit at age 22...When I quit I had the beginning signs of cancer....It was inconclusive but it was enough to scare me so bad I quit...I never really liked smoking but I was addicted as soon as I was taught by a friend how to smoke...some friend aye? My best friend...I guess she was not a really good friend if she was not good to herself and was hurting her body by smoking I should have been smart enough to say, "No...I am not going to smoke." This is called peer pressure. Anyone who encourages people to do the bad things they are doing to themselves have alot of problems. If they laugh at you or jeer at you walk away don't become a victim of their problems..Don't let them make the fool out of you that they have made of themselves.

The tobacco industry does not show you all the statistics, and all the people who are sick from tobacco abuse...they do not put sick people in the ads because if you know the truth you will not buy their products which will make you sick, the people around you sick, and your children born or unborn sick. Smoking rots your body and your teeth, it gives you bad breath and will make you sick. We need more organically grown food without poisons and pesticides...Let them go grow things that are good for us...For alot of food we have now is not as good for us as in the past...It is grown for looks/storage and not for nutrition. Save your money don't buy cigarettes and tear down your body go buy organically grown food or other things that are better for your body/health. The economic costs of smoking alone is plenty of reason to not smoke or to quit...It is just like setting your money on fire - But even worse you are damaging your body in the process and the things around you with the tobacco smoke residues.

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