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About Our Company

Barking Spider Productions, Inc. creates and produces original live action role play games that range from a few hours to a few days, and may take place in the past, present or future, using characters based on real or fictional identities. Our games are theatre-style, in that they involve no violence, or physical touching; all "combat" is based on our easy to use system.

Our games can be modified to be played by as many as more than a hundred players for a gaming convention, or few as ten players for a club, dinner or cocktail party.

We also provide scenario paintball games for Paintball Park in N. Ft. Myers. If you are interested in a scenario game for a private party, please contact Paintball Park for fees and availability.

We are currently the longest running live action company in the state of Florida. Our writers and judges have been creating quality roleplaying experiences for many years, and plan on continuing to stage the best live action games in our area.

Check out our upcoming events.

If you are interested in having a game created for your group please contact us, and we would be happy to arrange it. For an idea of the games we have run, see the list of Past Events.


Barking Spider Productions, Inc.

89 Fourth Street
Fort Myers, FL 33907

Email: or

 AOL Instant Messager: BSLARP

ICQ#: 36436937

Yahoo ID: Barking_Spiders [Yahoo! Messenger]

For notification of events or the monthly newsletter, sign up for our Mailing List.

 To contact any of our officers:

 Kerry, President
Squeege, Vice President
Barry, Vice President
Judy, Secretary/Treasurer
Mike, Board Member
Alan, Board Member

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