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C3 Econo Resto

A word about paint ...

- I get alot of emails asking me about my paint quotes on the cars. They assume that either the $400.00 is a typo and that it must be $4,000.00 or some assume that the $400.00 is for materials, but such I assure you is not the fact. We are lucky to have a 'mom & pop' paint/body shop in town. They do excellent work and the paint jobs are really nice, although they are not 'show quality' they are nice enough for a driver or if you plan to enter some local shows. They paint with a two part urethane and match the factory color exactly. I have seen cars painted by them and they are great. I took my firebird to them and they had it a week and when I got it back it looked like it was nearly new again. The paint/body shop in my area that does this great work is 'Econo Paint' in Pensacola, Florida. Some paint shops want to charge $1,200 or more for a paint job and that seems way to high to me (unless it is a true show car and you plan to enter some National Resto Show then I guess why not if you can afford such things).

To find a good paint/body shop in your area try the used car lots (I know, hard to believe), but why reinvent the wheel. I would stop by a 'seedy' car lot and ask who painted that 20 year old car. Again, used car lots want to spend as little money as possible on their cars yet want them to look good too. They have already done the ground work for you. Some paint their own cars and they look like crap. Some have them painted at EconoPaint and then said that they did the work 'in-house'. But most said 'Econo Paint' and those cars all looked good. I also had some friends who had cars painted and those that looked good were again 'Econo Paint' so I gave them a try and they did a great job on my firebird. Again, the $400.00 only includes the paint. I do all my own body work. Econo does quality body work too but they charge extra.